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Mazda to go it alone with hybrid development

Despite the past efforts of its parent company, Mazda is setting out on its own path to develop hybrid powertrains. Mazda's senior managing executive in charge of research and development, Seita Kanai, stated that the Japanese company is working independently of Ford to create hybrid vehicles. These new hybrids will be targeted at the U.S. market and will be based on a chassis that is lightened to compensate for the increased weight of the hybrid components. In the past, Mazda's hybrids

Wagoner says we don't need a partner

Rick said it; General Motors does not need a partner to complete its recovery. According to an interview with Wagoner by Automotive News, the CEO of GM thinks 'It's not logical or responsible to say we must have a partner to recover.' GM is currently studying whether it will allow billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian to bring the General into a permanent alliance with Nissan and Renault. Wagoner's interest in any venture, simply put, is about selling more vehicles. A

Mulally already shaking up Ford

Even though Alan Mulally hasn't officially taken the helm at Ford yet, he is already making waves. The former Boeing CEO has taken the reigns already, acutely focused on becoming the company's new leader. In a report by The Detroit News, the details of Mulally's actions are coming to light. He is cutting through executive meeting schedules, eating

Spy Shots: Hyundai Arnejs

Earlier this month, Hyundai released a few images of the Arnejs concept car that it will be debuting in Paris next week. While the concept is a stunning example of what a C-class car could be, CarScoop has posted spy shots of what it actually will be when it goes into production. The guys over at CarScoop are rightfully disappointed by the softening of the concept's hard lines in the prod

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