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How Dealers Are Adapting To "Online-Only" Car Shoppers

A growing number of car buyers are finding great deals by shopping solely on the Internet

It's no surprise that almost everyone is doing research on the Internet before buying a car, but according to international research firm Capgemini, around a third of shoppers would prefer to make the entire purchase online, never visiting an auto dealer.

Smartphones Reduce Accident Headaches

Insurance industry's new estimating services stand to reduce costs and customers' time

As insurance costs rise with car prices, ways to reduce costs seem to diminish. One Chicago-based company called Snapsheet, however, is poised to reverse some of that trend, by helping streamline the fender-bender repair process using motorists' smartphones to dramatically speed up damage claim estimates.

Terrain Control Explained

New SUV systems make off-road driving easier.

The joke that's followed Ford's terrifically popular Explorer (six million have been sold) since day-one twenty years ago has been that owners never actually drive the off-road-equipped SUVs off the pavement. Marketers have been playing to a consumer's desire to have their friends think that they might, one day, be the type of person who would rock-crawl a mountain pass.

Do Red Light Cameras Make Green (Money) Or Red (Blood)?

Increasing opposition claims they cause more accidents.

Television images of cars being T-boned at intersections are impossible for viewers to ignore. That's great news for shows such as ABC's Good Morning America, which aired such video a few weeks ago in a story about the auto insurance industry's study claiming automated "red light cameras" saved lives. These devices activate if a vehicle enters an intersection when the traffic light turns red, record the license plate, and mail the vehicle owner a citation with a substantial fine. A percen

Tracking Your Teen Driver

Can Electronic Surveillance Keep Teen Drivers Safer?

There are dozens of devices that can track the whereabouts of your car, and we recently spent time testing a simple and inexpensive unit called the Safe Driver from Lemur Vehicle Monitors. Safe Driver is intended as a tattletale for parents to monitor how their teens are driving. But unlike GPS-based systems that require downloading to computers, subscribing to a satellite service, or hiding somewhere on the car, the Lemur system is cheap (about $60),

What Happens When Your Hybrid Runs Out Of Gas?

Life After Jumper Cables

Ask the mother of a teenage driver what piece of emergency equipment they want their kid to have with them in the car and mom will answer "cell phone." Indeed, the days of carrying tools, jumper cables, and a jerrycan of gas in the trunk are over – just call AAA. But still, the question beckons: What happens if you're hypermiling in your Prius and you overestimate your skill? You can certain

Driven: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep's Venerable Luxury SUV Gains Capability

Off-road people do things differently than on-road people. Off-roaders measure their tires by overall diameter; on-roaders measure theirs by wheel diameter and sidewall height. Off-roaders go slow, favor long-travel accelerator pedals, and rarely use brakes; on-roaders like a quiet wood-and-leather interior, balanced handling and quick-reacting brake and accelerator pedals. Jeep's new fourth-gener

Favorite Roads Of The Car Testers

The Human Butt Is Still The Best Instrument To Tune Cars

Sometimes small changes in chassis tuning can make the same car either a delight or a disaster to drive. That’s why automotive engineers tick off tens of thousands of miles in cars before things are finalized for sale. It’s in these drives that shock absorber settings, spring stiffness, anti-roll bar stiffness, and tire characteristics are all determined, to say nothing of engine and t

Driven: 2011 Buick Regal

Far From Flint, Buick Fancies A New Future

The easy way to explain the 2011 Buick Regal is to compare it to cars badged as Buicks in the 1990s. This was a decade of anemic V6-powered machines with mushy suspensions, cars altogether so similar to their corporate bretheren at Pontiac and Chevy that you didn’t have to be a cynic to figure that GM was just exploiting the legacy of a great pre-war American brand to consumers who actually

Driven: 2011 Ford Fiesta

Hey Europeans, our Fiesta is better than yours

For over a year, Europeans have been driving Ford's new Fiesta and falling in love with it. The car became the best-selling vehicle across the continent in the first quarter of 2010 and all signs point to it continuing that streak for the remainder of the year. This makes the Fiesta something like Europe's version of the Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America. With proven success in Europ

Driving Inside a Tornado: How Stormchasers Live To Tell About It

Tornado chasers face danger when they become the chased

"You really want us to look for a tornado?" yelled Will Gray, a journalist for London's The Independent newspaper, over the pounding din of golfball-sized hailstones pummeling our Hummer H3T storm chase truck. Riding in the back seat, Gray strained to see the ominous shape of a twister lit only by lightning flashes in the darkness of a raging Nebraska supercell storm. You see, a tornado was report