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Long before we developed legs capable of working accelerator and brake pedals, a creature named Tiktaalik decided to wander up out of the ocean. In response to its environment, Tiktaalik's aquatic front flippers evolved to have wrists capable of dragging a heavy body across the ground. Tiktaalik represents a transitional bridge between the old and the new. The rest, as they say, is history. We are in the early days of a fundamental shift in the design paradigm of cars. Responding to a future cl

Design Chief Of Iconic Brand Discusses The Future

As the Head of the Porsche Design Department, Michael Mauer is in the envious position of holding the future of a hallowed marque in his hands. He leads the team responsible for the entire Porsche product line, including the new Panamera sedan and the upcoming redesigns of the Cayenne and 911. Before coming to Porsche in 2004, Mauer held key design positions at Mercedes, Smart, and Saab.

Is that a Porsche in your pocket?

When I was a grad student at the alma mater of 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy, I suffered the ignominy of a ride that paled in comparison with those of my classmates. While their parking spots boasted Range Bruiser Nantucketmobiles, a Ford Taurus with dead paint and a broken radio sullied mine. A decade later, I still remember the sour sense of deflation I felt as I hurried from that garage to class, pond