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Volvo to Make Hybrid 18-Wheelers and Buses

Proving that hybrid technology has usefulness outside the lightweight Prius-type car that stops being useful the moment you want to use it for hauling anything bigger than a bag of groceries, Volvo has announced that they've started production on a new, hybrid line of heavy duty trucks and buses. It's truly a forward thinking concept that they're developing. The new trucks have the posibility to reduce gasoline consumption

How's it Run? Consumer Reports Tests Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Those of you who love the feeling of farfegnugen were probably dissapointed to learn that the Taureg was listed as the 11th meanest car for this model year. Can you still drive a Volkswagen without feeling like you're sucking up gasoline and encouraging global warming? If you buy a diesel, you have a chance.

An Experiment in Gas Mileage

John Neff, from AutoBlog, suggested an experiment: Drive normally for a tank of gas, and record the number of miles you get on the tank. Then follow standard gas-mileage reducing tips from places like the US Government and Edmunds.com, and s

Bush Relaxing Environmental Standards for Gasoline

In a stunning blow to the environment, President Bush announced today that he is relaxing environmental standards on gasoline in order to curb fuel prices for the summer. The EPA's hard-fought battle to promote reformulated gasoline is taking the hardest hit from President Bush's latest mandate: the February victory requiring re

Investment in Alternative Fuels on Bush's List, But in Last Place

With consumer concern about high gas prices rising, and the President's approval rating still falling, the AP reported today that George Bush is launching a probe into gas gouging and a four-part plan to curb short- and long-term gas prices. Is Bush's plan anything new? Not exactly. Most of the steps he's taking now are the same ones he's been taking since Hurricane Katrina, which is the last time gas prices rose over $3.00

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

I've already posted that maintaining properly inflated tires is one of the easiest ways to improve your gas mileage, no matter what you're driving, but this press release from the Rubber Manufacturers Association suggests that maybe some instruction is in order. If you're not sure

Surprise! You May Be Driving an E85-Compatible Car

With the recent hype created by full-page magazine ads and rising gas prices, consumer interest is rising in flex fuel vehicles that can run equally well on either regular gasoline or the ethanol/gasoline blend dubbed E85.

Your Guide to Emissions Standards

If you're like me, then all of the EVs (SULEV, ULEV, PZEV) attached to new car emissions descriptions are sort of baffling. The EVs are vehicle emissions standards in the state of California, but have gained popularity because they're easy to use and help salespeople sell cars to gals like me who wear their Birkenstocks to the dealership. Here's the scoop on what the different standards refer to:

A Better List of Greener Cars

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and it's consumer organization, GreenerCars.com, have released their 2006 Green Book, giving consumers truly useful information about the environmental impact of cars they may be thinking about buying. Unlike other rankings, whi

Pavley Needs Our Support

What's the best way to get the world's automakers on your bad side? Try to enact a law requiring them to produce cleaner cars. When California passed AB1493, known as the Pavley law, automakers lined up to fight this bill, which would phase in regulations that require them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% by 2016. Automakers argue that this bill is a thinly-veiled attempt to regulate fuel economy, which can only be set at the federal level. California disagrees, saying that they a

This Earth Day, Check Your Tire Pressure

I still have to buy the tree, but my daughter and I have already chosen the spot (right outside her window) and the tree (native dogwood) for our annual Earth Day planting extravaganza. I'd like to celebrate by donating my 2001 Civic to a local charity and buying a new hybrid model, but since hybrids were too new to earn my trust the last time I went car shopping, and since I'm not into debt, I'll work with what I've got. Step one on greening my car? Check the tire pressure.

Green Car of the Year?

When does a decent, but not spectacular, 33/29 mpg fuel efficiency net you the trophy for "Green Car of the Year?" When you're a full-sized, fully functional SUV, according to Green Car Journal Online. They've chosen the hybrid version of the Mercury Mariner as the 2006 "Green Car of the Year," beating out the Honda Civic, with a far

DCX introduces first fuel cell police car to North America

It's not going to be participating in any high-speed vehicle chases, but Daimler-Chrysler's fuel cell police car will be carrying out other police bussiness for Wayne State's University Police Department in Detroit. Wayne State University is already a maverick, since it's the first school where students can earn a master's degree in alternative energy, and now they've taken delivery of the first ever fuel cell cop car. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class based F-Cell

Why Didn't We Think of That Before?

Flex fuel cars are cleaner and use less petroleum than conventional vehicles; hybrid gasoline/electric engines are cleaner and use less petroleum than conventional vehicles. Ford unveiled a surprisingly simple idea in Washington recently: why not combine them? They're developing an Escape E85 Hybrid, which is capable of running on both electricity and the ethanol/gasol

Umm...Where Are We Going to Grow it All?

Politicians trying to draw attention away from our dependency on foreign oil and car makers trying to draw attention away from their gas-guzzling products have one thing in common: they love to bandy about statistics showing how wonderful E85 can be, including how clean it is and how fuel efficient it can be.

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