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Mid-engine van plus Model T equals great off-road adventure

All Cars Go To Heaven 2 details the 819-mile off-road adventure of The Smoking Tire crew piloting a couple of beaters and two Fords built a century apart.

Your brand new car might not be completely new after all

New cars can get damaged in transit or on the dealer lot, and in many cases the dealer is not required to tell you if any repairs have been completed.

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Are keyless ignitions making our cars easier to steal?

The lack of a physical deterrent in keyless-ignition cars has opened them up to vulnerabilities. We may be trading security for convenience.

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The real costs of keeping a Chevy Volt on the road

Used Chevy Volts are appearing on the market at an increased rate, but many potential buyers are afraid of electrical-system parts and repair costs. There's now a clearer picture of replacement costs and more options for battery repair and maintenance are showing up.

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A cool boost to turbocharger performance

With turbocharged downsized engines gaining popularity, the old concept of supercooling intake air to add power may finally see production.