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$80 a barrel but $2.50 a gallon! What gives?

With the lack of major storms out in the US oil patch and apparent high short term supplies, fuel prices seem modest. In New Jersey, the price was below $2.50 a gallon! Why worry? Everything is fine! Well, not exactly. At $80 a barrel, mid-winter heating prices are liable to be steep this y

Wanna Save Fuel? Don't Get Lost! Read the Signs!

To minimize fuel use in any vehicle we have got to know where we are going!

Amory Lovins: Suck it up and Live!

Amory Lovins - co-founder and chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute was interviewed by Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria last week. Lovins and the Institute he helped create have a very good reputation. They sit up on their mountain and think big thoughts, thoughts that we should be thinking for ourselves.

Time for Another ABG Economics Lesson

Dear ABG Readers: I have seen your comments and know some have nearly had their fill of posts about economics. I was going to lay off for a while BUT this (subs req

Understanding the Chevy Volt's place in today's world

The GM Volt is what I call an technology-enabled concept. We have a certain group of technologies that can fit together but we need mature, safe, and economical components ready at the same time to put the vehicle on the road in hundreds of thousands and then millions.

Hybrid or Diesel? Depends.

Despite Sam A's recent post about hybrids losing some appeal relative to the upcoming cleaner diesels, I tend to feel hybrids are here to stay and will include ever growing part of the auto market. To back me up, is the recent survey by those wild guys over at Consumer Reports. More than 1,800 people were polled and more than 50 percent said there were willing to switc

Saving energy at the airport

There are hundreds of busy US airports and hence tens of thousands of GSE vehicles working around the clock to turn aircraft around. GSEs are owned by the airlines and are an expense item they would rather not have. Unlike the aircraft they service, they don't generate any direct revenue. How do the airlines cut their expenses and carbon footprint on GSE?

How Good Are You . . . at Squandering?

Squandering is roughly defined as . . extravagantly or wastefully using resources (money, time, etc.)

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