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Soaring Over New England In The World's Fastest Four-Place Drop-Top They were imaginary, nothing more than fabrications conjured to stimulate dreams. Highly decorated and embroidered with bright colors and tassels, the enchanting tapestries appeared everywhere in Arabian fairy tales. The…


2013 Bentley Continental Supersports - 2dr Convertible (ISR)
2dr Convertible (ISR)
6.0L W-12
12 City / 19 HWY
2018 Bentley Continental Supersports | More exciting than space travel

It's not actually a rocket, but it plays one at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.
Bentley says Conti Supersports 'isn't on the horizon'

With the Bentayga taking up all its resources and another project or two in the cooker, Bentley tells Autoblog it doesn't have the time to develop a successor to the Supersports or GT3-R.
New Bentley Supersports coming in 2014

A report in Autocar says the next Bentley Continental Supersports will be ready for retail duty in 2014. If true, the coupe is meant to follow the same formula as the first generation, which means weight loss, honed reflexes and "improving braking power," that last one an eyebrow raiser because the Continental series already has some of the largest diameter brakes available on a production car.

For Sale

2007 Bentley Continental
$58,995 / 26,905 miles / CA
2013 Bentley Continental
$122,893 / 28,726 miles / CA
2008 Bentley Continental
$57,999 / 93,961 miles / CA
Hardcore x2: How to flog a Caterham Supersports up a snow-covered French mountain

The English are mad. And we know this for two reasons: one, they admit it; two, it's true. If more proof is needed, a video of Evo magazine's features editor, Henry Catchpole, sliding a Caterham Supersport up a French mountain in the snow should be enough. And the spindly car is missing its top. And he's missing his hat.

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