Despite lacking the wide range of models offered by Aston Martin, Ferrari or Maserati, Lamborghini's Huracán and Aventador provide a take-no-prisoners profile to those in the market for exotic looks and supercar performance.

LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S: As the next generation of Lamborghini's flagship V12, the Aventador S builds on 50+ years of scorching performance and leading-edge design. This all-new architecture focuses on aero performance, with significantly improved suspension and electronics enhanced by driving modes which can be customized. Its V12 produces 740 horsepower; when applied to the ground, that power propels the driver from 0-60 in under 3 seconds. It is on US showrooms this spring as a '17 model.

HURACAN: A visit to your Lamborghini dealer provides a choice of four Huracáns: the all-wheel-drive 610 as a Coupe and Spyder, and the rear-wheel drive 580 as a Coupe; the Spyder will make its delayed debut with the spring driving season. The '17 Huracán is largely carried over from 2016, with little more than updated infotainment.

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