In 2017, more than 100 years after the Aston brand was first launched, the upscale maker of British grand tourers is so much more than that 'Bond car'. The Vantage remains the choice of drivers with a penchant for track days, while the Vanquish, Rapide S and DB11 (photo above) are for those vacillating between a car and a turboprop.

ASTON MARTIN DB11: An all-new replacement for the ancestral DB9, Aston's high-performance Grand Tourer features a new twin-turbo V12, of-this-century angularity and an all-digital dash.

RAPIDE S: Aston's svelte four door coupe receives new infotainment and satellite navigation.

VANQUISH: Only minor trim changes for 2017. The two-door GT continues to rely on a normally aspirated V12.

V-8 VANTAGE: A production run of 100 GTS-badged V-8s will be built, foretelling the end of the run for Aston's most accessible model.

V-12 VANTAGE: Aston's tightly-drawn GT is now available with a seven-speed manual.

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