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This amphibious tour bus keeps the party going right into the water

Rides are surprisingly affordable

An amphibious tour bus. The Kaba Bus can easily transition from road to water. Providing riders with city tours by land and sea. The 45-minute tours are currently offered in Tokyo and Yamanakako, Japan. Rides cost $32.25 per person. The Kaba tour bus can accommodate 40 passengers. The Kaba Bus is an amphibious vehicle that gives tours of Tokyo and Yamanakako, Japan. The 45-minute tour costs $32.25 per person. The Kaba bus can carry 40 passengers. Learn more at kaba-bus.com

You can now get a 'windshield' wiper for your motorcycle helmet

It can keep your visor clear for 12 hours at a time

A mini electric wiper. WiPEY is an electric wiper for motorcycle helmets. Designed to keep the visor clear on rainy road trips. Quick press a button on the side of the mount for a single pass of the wiper. Hold the button down for a few seconds for continuous operation. WiPEY comes with a helmet mount. A handlebar wireless button is optional. WiPEY is battery powered with 12-hour operating time. WiPEY is an electric wiper that mounts on the bottom or top of a motorcycle helmet. The mini wiper

Friends and colleagues remember Jessi Combs

'Jessi had an innate spirit and fight like few people I've ever met'

Aptera returns with plans for 1,000-mile EV

Decade of manufacturing, tech and supply advancements should help its revival

2020 Mazda3 hatchback starts at $24,620, a $100 increase

Sedan adds driver safety features as standard, base price rises $500

FBI searches Detroit-area home of UAW president Gary Jones

UAW statement says it 'has voluntarily responded to every request the government has made'

Federal agents on Wednesday searched the suburban Detroit home of the president of the United Auto Workers, apparently another step in a corruption investigation that has netted labor leaders and auto industry officials, and soiled the union's reputation during contract talks with U.S. car companies. The UAW criticized the extraordinary search of Gary Jones' home in Canton Township, insisting it has fully cooperated with authorities. "President Jones is determined to uncover and address any an

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There's a new Wiesmann under that sheet

Wiesmann's website is also poised to relaunch in September

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Spied: Volvo refreshing V90 wagon that hasn't hit 1,000 sales in America

It may be the most beautiful car that no one is buying

Eighth-generation VW Golf tries on a zebra suit before its debut

The black and white camouflage covers familiar proportions

Auto Accessories
This Carfidant ultimate cleaner is 20% off on Amazon

You can snag the 18 oz bottle for $14.40

This interior and exterior cleaner is your one-stop shopping for keeping your car shiny and clean. It even comes with a microfiber towel to wipe down your surface after you spray.

Engineer's book reveals 2020 Chevrolet Corvette quarter-mile time

11.3 seconds at 121 mph — notes also reveal 0-to-60 times and more

Toyota and Suzuki partner up on autonomy with capital alliance

The automakers will take small equity stakes in each other

Toyota Motor Corp and Suzuki Motor Corp will take small equity stakes in each other, the Japanese car makers said on Wednesday, as they seek to develop newer technologies and meet sweeping changes upending the global auto industry. Car makers - especially smaller ones like Suzuki - are struggling to meet the breakneck growth of an industry transformed by the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), ride-hailing and autonomous driving. Toyota will pay around 96 billion yen (£742 mill

Vantablack paint is so black, this 2020 BMW X6 looks two-dimensional

Even the Batmobile has never worn one of the darkest substances known