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Its owner found a love that was gonna last.

Owner's previous Corvette had 342,000 miles.


And perhaps in both WEC and F1 at the same time.

And perhaps in both WEC and F1 at the same time.


Lifted wagons beat crossovers by several measures — including price

There's a better way.

Buying Guide

Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

If you're shopping for a new vehicle these days, there's a litany of acronyms, buzzwords, and technobabble to further complicate an already difficult decision. But if you're looking at a green powertrain, you have three basic choices to compare: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and "EV" or, electric vehicle.


The crash follows a rising number of incidents involving human drivers behaving improperly or recklessly around self-driving cars.


Why give Thule all that money when plywood is cheap?

Denver is full of Subaru wagons with rooftop cargo carriers.


VW's board will weigh a plan to update the Beetle.

VW's board will weigh a plan to update the Beetle alongside the forthcoming ID Buzz microbus.


It hauls stuff and, well, you know ...

It was roughly 13 seconds faster than the previous holder.

The List

Yes, we do actually drive a route called "The Devil's Butthole"

Join our hosts Jessi and Patrick as they take "the gamble" and find out whether or not their $500 jalopy will survive the Gambler 500 on this episode of "The List."


A promotional film by E.ON showcases interesting EVs.

A "Mad Max"-style desert video shows all kinds of interesting vehicles, but the hypercar is the king.


2018 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada

We threw in the Chevy Traverse too, because, well, it's enormous.

Two races to go, and not letting up.

"There are two races to go. It is a better time than ever to apply even more pressure, just because you can,"


It offers to buy car, cat and coffee mug after eBay pulls listing

They're offering $5,000 for the cat featured in the viral commercial.

First Drive

For too long, the Expedition hasn’t been a contender. That ends today.

If you can find a better fullsize SUV, buy it.


It must have had the electronic limiter removed.

There's some disparity between the speedometer and GPS.


Emphasis on almost

It's still a king of customizing and arcade racing.