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Autonomous mobile robots from Chinese technology company Hikvision. These robots are ultra-efficient at tasks like sorting packages, moving pallets, and parking cars. The video from Hikvision shows the impressive bots in action.


GAC Motor plans to begin selling cars in the United States in 2019.

Which presidential name with they choose next?


That's just a step above the competition.

The regular Impreza was completely redesigned for 2017, so an all-new WRX seems likely soon.

Car Buying

As Lincoln announces an all-new Navigator at this year's New York auto show, Infiniti's big QX56/80 continues to gain fans in a great many upmarket zip codes.


This may just be design inspiration, or possibly a preview of a new model.


Few of the mid-80s German offerings were more compelling than the Mercedes S-Class.


Dirty never looked so good.

Hey, it's better than "Wash Me".


The world's largest automakers are creating cars tailored specifically for the Chinese automobile market. Here are the latest from the Shanghai Auto Show.

Open Road

Bringing back an important brand.

Seems more and more these days iconic car brands are rising from the ashes and staking their claim in today's auto market. A lot of those brands hinge on their past heritage and come back bolstered by some parent OEM. I for one am a very big fan of this, as long as the execution stays true to that heritage


20,000 pounds of cheese, all gone forever.

It was as if millions of cows mooed and were suddenly silenced.

The List

"It is an event for only those with true grit."

On this episode of The List, Jessi races the Mint 400 while Patrick does his best Raoul Duke impression on the sidelines.


Don't let your dreams be dreams.

This is an all-weather cruiser for both the street and trail.


A Ghia-edition early Fox Mustang with the rare I6 engine.

Ford took over Carrozzeria Ghia in 1970, and the Ghia name started appearing on Fords soon after that.