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The GT3 RS looks as subtle as ever.

Look for the return of the manual transmission.

If conquering the online retail space wasn't enough, Amazon has announced AmazonFresh Pickup. The latest way to have groceries delivered right to your car.

One's skeletal, the other is pillarless.

80 mph Autosteer requires camera calibration to work.

Acura ILX leads the list of cars people wish they hadn't bought.

Nobody wants to experience buyers' remorse, and that's especially true when dealing with something as expensive as a brand-new car.

He follows last year's U.S. Grand Prix performance by Taylor Swift.

He's bringing sexy racing fans back.

Relax, the top and doors comes off.

It's still the same Wrangler we know and love.

It's called the Project E, and it's coming to Shanghai.

Tweets from Elon hint at a simple dash layout.

Look for official photos in the next few months.

They want an electric built at main plant in Germany.

BERLIN (Reuters) - Labor leaders at Volkswagen's luxury Audi brand have asked top management to assign production of an all-electric model to the carmaker's main plant in Germany, concerned they might lose out as electric cars gain in importance. Audi will next year start building its first mass-produced electric model, the e-tron quattro sport-utility vehicle, at a plant in Brussels, together with batteries that will also be used in other VW group EVs. Audi, Volkswagen's main profit contribut

EQ sub-brand accelerates its commitment by three years.

It will help achieve emissions goals.

Yes, it still has the love-it-or-hate-it spindle grille.

Don't expect a major overhaul on design.

Several models are affected, from Fiesta ST to Lincoln MKZ.

Over 200,000 cars included in each recall.

Is the FJ40 set for a successor?

What does "Four Wheeling. Scene Stealing" mean?

Crash comes four years after three other storm chasers were killed.

Two of the storm chasers were featured on Weather Channel show.

The best thing about grocery shopping: never going in the store.

Idea being tested in Seattle, but it sounds great to us.

Take a closer look. This everyday hatch is fast, frugal, and fun.

You could wait for the new Si, but this one is already faster than Si Civics of the past.

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