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ETI Ltd. has created a new highway guardrail that rotates when struck by a vehicle.

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Howe and Howe Technologies created a non street legal luxury tank for consumers.

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Equus Automotive combines a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Challenger into one.

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Geneva Motor Show could see a new Two-Door Giulia Couple. Possibly named Giulia Sprint


We think the Navigator concept was closer to production than we realized.

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Ford Expedition goes aluminum and gets bigger for 2018.

Open Road

What products will car lovers be driven toward this year?

What are the top trends and products that auto enthusiasts have their eye on in 2017? For many, creating a more technology-focused driving experience will be key to an improved ride.

Fortunately for everyone involved, it was all just a big misunderstanding.

It isn't easy being green.


Colas's Wattway went down to Georgia.

Colas's Wattway project adds swaths of solar-powering roadway to Georgia, France, as it broadens solar-energy concept.

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You'll be able to buy these pens in the US via a new Kickstarter.


One is on sale now in the UK.

The car on sale is just one of 26 examples.

A Texas man is in some serious trouble today after lashing his son to himself with a dog leash then driving down a Houston freeway on a riding mower last Sunday.


It's like an F-150, but with a really big aluminum coat on.


It looks as though 2017 will be a big year for Honda collaborations.

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It could be a refresh, or possibly a hotter version of the current model.


Engadget shakes down the new Zero Touch with Alexa support.


When the LeMans name went onto a rebadged Daewoo.

An extremely rare sedan version of the Pontiac-badged Daewoo LeMans, spotted in a California self-service wrecking yard.


This technology could provide BMW with 'freedom of design and mass customization.'

BMW adds to its list of future-focused startup investments.

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Spy video shows the Supra cold weather and snow testing.


Yes, you need a three-row SUV that hits 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Sure, let's certify an SUV in the quarter mile.