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The 90 minute guided tour through London is part of More Than's mission to raise awareness for pet health and insurance.


It's one of a number being tested in San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Detroit.

In addition to San Francisco, GM and Cruise are testing autonomous Bolts in Arizona and Michigan.


On this episode, we interview the hosts of Beyond Yacht Rock to talk smooth music and smooth cars. Plus some car buying advice.


The van will go on sale in 2019.

Ford, UK officials will test plug-in hybrid vans in London.


Apparently being featured on Top Gear and The Grand Tour couldn't save the company.

First Drive

For Europeans, the new, 250-mile Zoe is the electric car to get.

Forget the battery? Sure.

A Texan who had a little too much to drink in Austin last week got behind the wheel of his eye-wateringly expensive Ferrari and promptly drove it off a cliff and into a ravine.


He will be the third brand design chief to leave in two years.


Tesla quietly adds 100D models for just $3,000 more than the 90D

Dropping the 'P' adds miles to your range and saves you almost $40,000.


Spy shots show off the latest version of the Beast, a Cadillac-styled vehicle with military-grade armor. It's expected to debut for President Donald Trump.


Such a high horsepower car can be a bit tricky in the rain.