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Being a mobile technician is a rewarding career in a field that’s always in demand.

Recently released police dashcam footage shows what appears to be a Chicago PD officer, Jose Lopez, smiling while a woman is pepper sprayed. The disturbing scene comes from a 2013 incident where a Chicago pastor was beaten and pepper sprayed while her children sat in the car.

The state of New Jersey mandates child seat safety laws in order to ensure that kids are safe when on the road.

According to the latest U.

In the state of New Hampshire, the Child Occupant Protection Law ensures the safety of children who are travelling in motor vehicles.

In the state of Nebraska, parents frequently wonder what exactly the law requires when it comes to securing their children in motor vehicles.

In the state of Montana, everyone is required to wear a seat belt.

In the state of Missouri, there are laws in place that protect children who are travelling in motor vehicles.

In Mississippi, in 2008, 76% of children who died in motor vehicle accidents were not properly restrained.

In the state of Minnesota, there are regulations in place that are designed to protect children when they are travelling in motor vehicles.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death in the state of Michigan, for adults, and children as well.

In the state of Massachusetts, there are regulations governing the ways in which children are restrained in motor vehicles.

In the State of Maryland, child seat safety laws work to make sure that your children are safe when travelling in your car.

The State of Maine mandates very strict requirements for the transportation of children in motor vehicles.

In the State of Louisiana, everyone who transports children in motor vehicles is subject to certain laws, which are based in common sense, and designed to protect children.

Volkswagen will build just 400 of these high-performance GTIs, with 100 limited to the German market. The rest will be spread everywhere not called America.

All states have laws regarding the safe transportation of children, and require the use of child safety seats in motor vehicles.

Child seat safety laws are in place to protect your children.

In the State of Iowa, motorists are required by law to ensure that children of certain ages are safely secured in moving vehicles.

Indiana has laws that mandate the protection of children when they are travelling in motor vehicles.

Automotive design artist, Rich B Caliente, is commissioned by friend and fellow artist Zevi to spray pain his Lamborghini Huracan. Whether you like the results or not it's a paint job that turns heads.

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