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Get a taste of Ford GT ownership from Dust Devils

As the automotive world seems poised to get a successor to the Ford GT, take a look back on the fantastic version from the 2000s with the participants in the ninth Ford GT National Rally in Las Vegas, NV. These folks don't just baby their supercars; the coupes are heating up the track and speeding along some quiet, desert roads in a fantastic short documentary.

First 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 engine blows up at just 891 miles

An owner of a brand-new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 claims he suffered a freak nightmare when a simple break-in drive resulted in a detonated 650-horsepower V8 engine.

How December changed from a near-worst to a near-best car selling month [w/video]

Automotive News article says the Lexus December to Remember campaign started in 1998 that helped turn December into one of the biggest months of the year for car sales. Before that - and "that" wasn't that long ago - December was close to last in sales because no one seriously considered buying a car for Christmas.

Shelby celebrates with Cobra 427 50th Anniversary special edition

Shelby American harks back 50 years to the good old days of American road racing with a throwback continuation of the original Cobra 427, offered with a big price tag but no engine.

Recharge Wrap-Up: Henes Broon sports EV for kids, 2014 ethanol records

Pennsylvania, China Extend EV Subsidies

US green car news rounds out the year with record ethanol production levels, Pennsylvania and China extend subsidies for green cars and Wired reviews Henes Broon dual-motor sports EV for kids.

Buyer says Dodge dealer gave him wrong Charger, failed to notice for 2 months

A Dodge customer ordered a Charger SXT, paid for a Charger SXT, but received a lower-spec Charger SE instead. Two months later, he and the Dodge dealership are trying to sort out the mess.

Lincoln MKC recalled because start button located too close to touchscreen [UPDATE]

Ford is adding two more recalls to its yearly tally, making it onto the 2014 ledger just under the wire. One involves moving the 2015 Lincoln MKC's push-button ignition start switch to a new location because people are pressing it by mistake. The other concerns the 2015 MKC and 2014 Ford Escape for a faulty fuel pump that could cause the crossovers to stall.

Autoblog's most popular stories of 2014

There was no shortage of news in the automotive industry this year, but the stories that proved the most popular on the pages of Autoblog may surprise you. Here were our ten most read articles of 2014.

Paul Walker's dad suing Roger Rodas' estate over $1.8M in cars

When Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died over a year ago in a Porsche crash, they left behind the issue of ownership over a collection of 30 cars. Now the former's family is reportedly demanding that the latter's pony up or go to court.

Chinese auto parts plant explosion kills 17

An explosion at the Fuwa Engineering Manufacturing Company's Guangdong factory has killed 17 and injured 20, in China's second serious incident involving an auto supplier this year.

Women fight off off-duty police officer after alleged fender bender

A serious confrontation between an off-duty San Jose Police Officer and another motorist, that was caught on video, is raising come questions about the excessive use of force by police.

Autoblog's top 100 photographs of 2014

Here Are The Shots That Stopped Us In Our Tracks This Year

We've taken some pretty great snaps of all things automotive this year, and we've got our top 100 photographs of 2014 to prove it.

Is Alfa Romeo readying 4C Spider for Detroit reveal?

Evidence is mounting that Alfa Romeo is revealing the 4C Spider at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The latest indicator comes from FCA's blog that the company has a debut for the Italian sports car brand for the event. After seeing the Spider out testing so recently, it seems like the most likely candidate.

VW recalling 38k Jettas, Passats, Golfs and Beetles for fuel leak

A problem with a leaky fuel rail could cause a fire, prompting Volkswagen to issue a recall for certain late model Jettas, Passats, Golfs, GTIs, Beetles and Beetle Convertibles, totaling an estimated 37,979 units.

Mercedes previews sleek concept for CES

This silhouette foretells of a potentially self-driving prototype which Mercedes evidently plans on presenting at the CES next week.

VW recalls 25k Jettas over low-beam headlight issue

The headlight control module in the 2015 VW Jetta may switch off the low beams when the high beams are switched on, prompting a recall of 25,007 units.

Hyundai promoting younger execs in bid to 'smoothen an eventual leadership succession'

Hyundai Motor Group promotes three up-and-comers in their early 50s to the rank of executive vice president with an eye towards a future to be lead by the chairman's son and heir apparent.

Leno takes a ride on a 90-year-old Brough Superior SS100

Jay Leno might have a massive collection of treasured vehicles, but there are some favorites in there. This week on Jay Leno's Garage, he takes a ride on one of them – a 1925 Brough Superior SS100. These bikes were among the premiere motorcycles of their day and were certified to hit 100 miles per hour. Leno even put a drop of his own blood into the cycle's tank to strengthen their bond.

What you missed on 12.30.14

Check out today's recap for our preview of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show; the list of the best cars your Autoblog editors drove in 2014; and one pretty intense video of a Mexican man jumping off a highway overpass and then walking away.

Donkervoort launching celebratory D8 GTO Blister Berg Edition

Dutch sports car manufacturer Donkervoort has dominated the leaderboards at the Blister Berg Drive Resort in Germany, so to celebrate, it's about to launch what promises to be an even better version of the D8 GTO.

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