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Several high-ranking executives from Alfa Romeo were keen to see how the launch of the new MiTo materialized. While they were there, we had the chance to talk with one of Alfa's top marketing officers over dinner and discuss the latest news churned out of the rumormill concerning upcoming products from Alfa and its sister-brand Abarth.

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Rumors of a new sports car from Abarth have been circulating for months, and although details are still sketchy, one thing's for sure: a mid-mounted engine is part of the package. Autocar is confirming previous rumors that Fiat's sport division has struck a deal with Lotus to use the next Elise as the basis for the new sports car.

Following the lead set by Chrysler Financial in the United States, GM Canada has announced that it will no longer offer leases through its GMAC Financial arm. While Chrysler LLC has not officially cut out lease deals in Canada, dealers up north report that the rates being offered to them are far too high to be feasible. GMAC spokeswoman Gina Proia told Bloomberg, "There's just a lack of funding in that country for lease assets." Both Chrysler LLC and GMAC are owned in part by Cerberus Capital Ma

Sources out of Japan suggest that Mitsubishi is considering offering a jacked-up version of the Lancer Sportback to international markets in 2010. The new model would come equipped with a higher ride height, a restyled fascia and protective body panels similar to those found on the old Subaru Outback and Audi Allroad.

Unwilling to recognize when genug is enough, Max Mosley is forging ahead with more lawsuits. After being awarded a £60,000 judgment (plus an additional estimated £1 million in expenses) against News of the World, the tabloid that broke the story of the FIA president's alleged sexual activities, Mosley is now launching a second lawsuit against the publishers. Whereas the previous lawsuit was on the grounds of invasion of privacy, the second action is for libel.

It had seemed like the Swiss-born psycho-looking three wheeler from Cree had died in 2003 when the company closed its doors but now comes word that the "SAM" project has been adopted by a Polish company and may be rolling out of factory doors soon. Just like Steve Austin, after the crash and burn, the SAM is coming back stronger, faster, and with a bionic eye lithium-polymer batteries for a longer range. Impact Automotive Technologies (IAT) of Pruszków, Poland claim to have re-engineered

While Chrysler has chosen to get out of the leasing business altogether after taking a bath on vehicles being returned with residual values far below expectations, Ford will reportedly be taking a different approach. Automotive News is reporting that after its finance arm recorded "extreme losses" on its lease vehicles, the automaker has decided to raise prices on its leases for the F-150, Super Duty, Ford Explorer and Sport Trac. Keep in mind that the residual value of these particular vehicles

The rapidly shrinking US auto market has left automakers scrambling for any way to differentiate their products from the competition, and the fastest way to get the job done is with technology. Microsoft is all too aware of this, and the tech giant is betting big on automotive to give itself a larger presence in a rapidly growing field. Microsoft has increased both staffing and funding by 30% in an effort to get in on the connectivity and infotainment ground floor. Sync has been Microsoft's crow

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Well, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that a Tesla Roadster, number six it seems, has been crashed in San Francisco. The good news is that the machine is likely not totaled and its battery pack is undamaged. So, the owner of the car hopefully won't need to go too long without his black beauty. According to eye-witnesses at the scene, the Roadster went rather unnoticed due to its silent operation, which may (or may not, who knows?) have contributed to the accident. This is the fir

Lotus' limited resources were apparently tapped out by the fast-tracking of the new Evora, so the Esprit replacement has been delayed until 2011. According to Autocar, the new Esprit will be based off the same chassis as the Evora, but it will be widened and stretched to fit a longitudinal engine mounted amidships. But what kind of engine? Lotus boss Mike Kimberley says that he wants to offer "guilt-free, high performance motoring" and Autocar maintains that to reach that goal, the new Esprit co

The CEO of BMW M GmbH, Ludwig Willisch, spilled his guts to Auto-Motor-und-Sport in a recent interview about the future of BMW's high-performance M division. The news was good, bad, and downright dumbfounding. For the good, Willish mentioned that future M-models will include high-revving turbocharged engines, and offer ceramic brakes. The bad news is that there will be no E91 M3 Touring, E92 M3 CSL, or M1 Concept. Apparently, BMW doesn't feel there is enough of a market to support those vehicles

The new Acura/Honda NSX may still be a couple of years away, but when talking about the sequel to such a dynamically legendary supercar, time won't stop speculation from ramping up and details from leaking. True to its name, Inside Line has put together what it believes is an accurate depiction – both visually and technically – of the newest challenger for Japanese supercar domination.

Plug-In Supply has just released its new $4995 kit which converts your 2004-2008 Prius into a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV). Because the system is based on the Cal Cars reference design and uses lead-acid batteries as opposed to the more expensive lithium or nickel-based batteries, this new kit is cheaper than many other PHEV conversion options. According to Plug-In Supply, the kit will allow your Prius to operate in electric-only mode for up to fifteen miles and at speeds of up to fifty-two mil

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The world has gone iPhone crazy since Apple released v2.0 of its sleek mobile device, and while GPS and 3G have been big draws, the multitude of available software apps in the new App Store has been the real wild card. One app that has us really psyched is a new automotive performance meter called Dynolicious from BunsenTech. It uses the accelerometer inside the iPhone to let you record 0-10 through 0-100 times, quarter mile and trap speed, Lateral Gs, horsepower and more. Results are also displ