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At the Chicago Auto Show ABG had the chance to sit down with Toyota's Bob Carter and Jaycie Chitwood. Bob is currently the Group VP for the Toyota Division and Jaycie is the Senior Strategic Planner. We talked about a range of issues including hybrid marketing, diesel, ethanol, hydrogen and weight reduction.

The autos section at business magazine Forbes has compiled a top ten list of most fuel efficient luxury cars. While some of the vehicles on the list seem obvious - the Mercedes-Benz E320 BlueTec diesel and the hybrid Lexus GS450h - there were some surprises. Giving Porsche's complaints about European Union plans to impose limits on carbon dioxide emissions, finding the Boxster sports car on the list might come as a shock. However, driven tamely, it can achieve pretty decent mileage. Of course li

You might not know it, but the Honda Civic GX is immensely popular these days. You couldn't get one of these compressed natural gas-powered cars is you wanted one, according to Green Car Advisor over at Edmonds. The best you could do is put their name on a waiting list that currently will get you a GX around June (only Honda dealers in California and New York sell the Civic GX to normal customers).

While new car sales have stagnated or shrunk in most of the established markets in recent years, one of the big exceptions has been China. Sales there spiked 22 percent, up to 8.8 million last year and might go over 10 million units in 2008. Of course that has also contributed to the choking air pollution in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Nonetheless Chinese car buyers have yet to migrate toward hybrid vehicles. Apparently the emissions benefits are insufficient incentive to overcome the huge

I'm not trying to make fun of Shawn Dell Joyce's ignorance (the term ignorance is not inherently demeaning in any way - it's just often used that way), but when I say she was ignorant about biofuels, I mean she was terribly ignorant about biofuels. Joyce, a sustainable artist in New York, was recently educated about what defines the difference between the two and wrote an article. Her piece, called "The difference between ethanol and biodiesel," highlights to a huge biofuel ignorance that is i

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When the American Le Mans Series held their winter test session at Sebring a couple of weeks ago, Peugeot dropped by with their diesel-powered 908 coupe. For their first visit they did pretty well, beating the more experienced Audi R10s by eight-tenths of a second. In the hands of Stéphane Sarrazin the Peugeot also beat the previous lap record - set by the Audi during qualifying for last year's race - by more than two seconds.

Quite some time ago we spoke about LPP Combustion, LLC, which has a patented combustion system based on Lean, Premixed, Prevaporized (can you guess where "LPP" comes from?) combustion of liquid fuels. The system converts liquid fuels into a synthetic natural gas, called LPP gas, which can be burned in natural gas combustion systems with no modifications to the combustion hardware.