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If you liked Volkswagen's Up! concept shown at Frankfurt earlier this week, we have some good news for you.

When people think about alternative fuel vehicles, Daihatsu is not a name that usually comes to mind. Daihatsu is one of the smaller Japanese car-makers and they sold a couple of models in the US market from 1988-92. More recently, Toyota bought a majority stake in the company and Daihatsu actually assembles most of the models that are sold as Scions in the US market.

Click the image above for more shots of the Carlsson Aigner CK65 Eau Rouge.

Here's an announcement that combines two green car strategies in a sensible and beneficial way: clean diesel cars used by many people through car sharing. Awesome.

Third time's the charm. Tomorrow, on CBS' Sunday Morning, the lead story will be electric cars. Included in the story, as we've mentioned, is a visit to Tesla and an interview with GM's Bob Lutz. New York Times columnist and CBS News correspondent David Pogue will look at the present and future of electric cars. We will have a full report of any news right after it airs. The video of the segment is likely to be online as well, as CBS often puts entire segments of its news programs on the new. We

The Times is reporting that former World Rally Champion Colin McRae has died after the helicopter he was piloting crashed into the ground near his home in Strathclyde. Also on board was his five year-old son, an unnamed adult male and child. According to reports, there were no survivors.

The holders of the purse-strings at Chrysler have been juggling and ditching programs since the change of ownership, and the latest move is sure to make fans of American muscle cars over in England particularly sad. When Chrysler announced that they would be building the new Challenger next year, they intended to export the cars to overseas markets as well. However, it now appears that the Challenger will be kept at home and possibly be built in lower volumes than originally planned. Prospective

British battery supplier Axeon Holdings has just recieved a £2.5 million order to supply lithium ion battery packs and charging systems to Modec for their electric delivery vans. Combined with a previous order for some initial test packs, Modec has now ordered 172 packs and chargers from Axeon.

Click the image above for more shots of the Wiesmann GT MF5.

Yesterday, I wrote about the UK's Kwik-Fit's £29 "green" tune up that not only makes your car run smoother, but also sent £10 to a carbon offset program. So, in effect, Kwik-Fit sells a £19 green up. What does the female-motorist-friendly drivers club Foxy now offer? A similar green car check that, well, costs £40.

High fuel prices have started to change the way Americans look at transportation, and several automakers are rushing to market smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles onto US roads. Daimler Benz is in the final stages of launching the Smart fortwo city car here in the US, and Volkswagen is looking at entering the fray with their own mini compact, the Up!. The stylish Up! was unveiled in Frankfurt on Monday, and Adrian Hallmark, head of Volkswagen of America, has already informed Wolfsburg that the

The second Toyota dealer in Europe powered completely by solar energy has opened in the south of Spain (Cádiz). The dealer, called Gamo Bahía, has installed photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. The dealer generates 84,000 kWh of non-polluting electricity per year, which he claims eliminates 84 tons of CO2 that would otherwise be dumped into the atmosphere.

The Flightshare Private Members Guild has been created by Farnborough U.K. based David Lacy, an "aviation veteran of 26 years who was the first to introduce carbon offsets to the European private jet industry last year." Honorable, the idea of reducing the impact that carbon emissions is having on the environment. Now, his new goal with this Guild is to entice jet-setting upper-class customers into sharing their private jet flights. Nice idea, but will it work? Carpooling makes a good deal of se

Click the image above for a high res gallery of the Peugeot Flux concept.

For the new car shopper, there will be 31 ethanol-capable models available in the 2008 model year, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has announced. The vehicles are coming form Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Mercedes Benz (see the full list after the jump).

Earlier this week, we reported about Chrysler's new ENVI project and the appointment of Lou Rhodes as the engineering group's new President. We now have some more information about the project and its objective to develop new electric and hybrid vehicle technology. ENVI is the name of a new engineering division set up in Chrysler's Detroit headquarters, which CEO Bob Nardelli says will be focusing "on the development of a new generation of environmentally responsible Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge veh

Toyota's Lexus division is teaming up with Scholastic publishing to launch a program for middle and high school students across the country called the Lexus Environmental Challenge. The intent of program is to encoruage the students to get involved in environmental programs that they design and put into action. As an incentive Lexus will offer up over $1 million worth of scholarships for students, teachers and schools.