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GM will be out of the Olympics after Beijing. The General said Monday that it can no longer justify spending $1 billion on its expensive sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic team when there are other options that offer a better return. The global giant is said to be looking into non-traditional advertising outlets in an effort to keep ad dollars spent as efficiently as possible, so they have made the decision to let the Olympic contract lapse when it expires in 2008. They will continue their involvem

Michelle Pfeiffer was on Letterman last night. It's actually a repeat. She is promoting two movies, Hairspray , which already opened and Stardust. Stardust opens this Friday, August 10. She talked about her children, her donkey and her electric car. She drives an "all electric" which "she loves." She only started to drive it again recently because she could only charge it at "her house." She was afraid she would "run out of energy." Not "even AAA. No one could help" her. She talks about it 3 min

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That San Francisco is trying to use biodiesel in many city fleet vehicles is no secret (see links below). From emergency vehicles to buses, the city is looking to turn veggie oil into fuel all over the place, even in paintings. All SF's forward-thinking resulted in a little shout-out in a large mural (12 by 38 feet) by Mona Caron on a building at 300 Church Street and 15th Street. The mural was painted in 2004, and you can read all you'd ever wanted to know about it here.

Chrysler is apparently a little worried that there might be a mass exodus of executives during the transition from DaimlerChrysler "partnership of equals" to Cerberus stewardship. Because of that, they have taken the bold step of advising current employees against applying for jobs at Daimler AG or Chrysler Financial.

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CleanAIR Systems has been selected to participate in a test program for clean diesel technology on heavy off-road equipment in New York City. They have installed their PERMIT particulate filter system on a pair front end loaders used for snow removal and load salt trucks. The test program is part of a three-year project to develop test methods for evaluating emissions reductions. The filters are expected to reduce particulate emissions by over 85 percent and carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emiss

It looks as if the (very) heavy pressure coming from Germany with regard to the EU's proposed legislation to limit fleetwide automaker CO2 emissions is having an effect. Earlier drafts set a 130 g/km ceiling, which would seriously impact German automakers like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, all of which rely on the powerful vehicles in their product portfolios to make money. In new drafts, the flat limit has been replaced by a tiered approach favored by the Germans (Porsche specifically mentio

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The U.S. Department of Energy yesterday announced eleven cost-shared R&D projects for improved vehicle fuel efficiency worth $21.5 million. You can read the full details on these eleven projects in the DOE's press release after the jump, but here's a synopsis: seven are for better flex-fuel ethanol/gasoline engines and the others are for an "environmentally friendly lubricant additive," advanced combustion engines, and boosting diesel engine efficiency, sometimes using biofuels.

Automotive News just reported that Ford received a total of $931 million for Aston Martin when it sold the British premium GT maker earlier this year. We had previously put the purchase price at $870 million after reducing it from the initial rumor of $965 million. Confused yet? Good, so are we. Basically all we need to know at this point is that Ford received $931 million for Aston Martin, in the form of cash and preferred stock in Primrose Cove Ltd. Primrose Cove is the name of the holding com

To reduce the number of speed-related accidents and appease the zealous pedestrian council in the Australian state of Victoria, government authorities have blindingly placed a ban on all forced-induction gasoline engines and V8s (or larger), deeming them unsafe for new and inexperienced drivers.

Update: While I stand by my methods, you may want to look at a more updated ranking which just lists a single hybrid as safest in class. I think fair criticisms of this article were 1. not enough cars were ranked and 2. cars while they of course can, there is no universally accepted way to compare them out of class.

The Brazilian minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes is visiting Mexico in order to sign agreements between the two countries that will expand Mexico's ethanol industry. The deal will include technology transfer from Brazil to Mexico and a commercial team-up to expand their export markets, namely the US and the EU.

Ace spy photographer Brenda Priddy is auctioning off a piece of automotive kitsch. Up for grabs in this eBay auction is a piece of camo that came off of a Jaguar XF prototype, which is kind of fun if you're into Jags or just offbeat automobilia. But there's an even better reason to bid - all the money raised will go to charity.

A British company called Etruk is building a range of small scale biodiesel reactors that range from a 40L unit suitable for people with a single car to fuel up to an 1,150L unit that's suitable for businesses or farms. The reactors can process either virgin feed stocks like straight vegetable oil or used vegetable oils. The company also offers training on how to use the equipment as well as safe handling of the fuel.

Is this the new GLK? While not an official shot, many seem to think so.