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The Nissan GT-R is among the subject of the most sought-after spy photos in the business, mostly because so many people want to see and know more about Nissan's upcoming speed-demon. A 3.7L turbocharged engine with at least 450 hp combined with a storied name that is finally making its way Stateside tends to excite us enthusiasts. When we made our way out to the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed, our own Frank Filipponio got some terrific shots of a hardly disguised GT-R making runs, and someone e

This bus is the child of two companies: UQM Technologies and Mobile Energy Solutions, LLC (if you pardon me the pun), the godfather being the Federal Transit Administration's National Fuel Cell Bus Program.

DaimlerChrysler's U.S. distributor for the tiny Smart fortwo has taken more than 20,000 reservations for the upcoming minicar, with customers paying $99 upfront for the privilege of being one of the first in the country to own one. With base models expected to start below $12,000 and rising up to roughly $17,000 for a convertible version, the cost effective model took less than four months to tally up its pre-release orders.

It was supposed to happen in Texas, but things didn't pan out for Tiger Trucks in the Lone Star State. Oklahoma quickly swooped in and wooed the builder of trucks designed by China's ChangAn. In an era when manufacturing is increasingly migrating to China, Tiger is reversing that paradigm. Oklahoma put money and a rail spur on the table and that seems to have sealed the deal. Tiger's advance team is already in Poteau, OK, waiting for equipment to arrive so they can get to work setting up the pla

Since Ford decided to discard Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer Think a few years ago the crew at the company has been working on a revival. They have developed a new second-generation model and recently inked a deal with Tesla Motors to purchase lithium ion battery packs from the Silicon Valley startup.

Back in 1990, Opel introduced a sleek new front-wheel-drive Vectra-based coupe called the Calibra to replace the old Manta. The Calibra was popular in Europe through most of the decade and formed the basis for Opel's DTM efforts in the early to mid '90s before fading into the sunset. In the last few years, Opel and Vauxhaul have offered the now discontinued RWD Holden Monaro coupe and now they are looking for a replacement, which may end up being a new Calibra.

This ought to rile people up. Two years ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration in the state of California purchased over a thousand flex-fuel vehicles, making a big deal about how they were green vehicles and would help clean up California's notoriously bad air. Quickly, the hoopla died down and the state has been filling the cars with standard gasoline ever since. Now, two state Senators want to hold meetings to figure out why.

The Australian-market Ford Falcon is one we would like to have on our shores, and may get if Ford wises up and takes a page out of GM's playbook. The Falcon is RWD, comes with turbo V6 engines, V8s, optional El Camino-like truck beds, and it just looks good. Unfortunately, the Falcon has fallen on hard times, with the venerable Falcon falling to third place in sales down-under, behind the Commodore from GM and the Corolla from you know who. Ford has good news forthcoming, though, as the Falcon i

As our readers surely know, the Senate passed a bill a while back that would require a CAFE of 35 mpg, which is being fiercely opposed by the car-industry lobbies. It seems that these initiatives are making more people nervous: in a recent survey by Automotive News, dealers who sell Detroit's Big Three showed their concerns about the future CAFE standards: It would hurt their sales.

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The Mitsubishi EVO X won't be officially unveiled for a few months, but the next-gen tuner-supreme has been spotted completely in the buff, and the good folks over at Motor Authority have posted the pics for all to see. The captured preproduction EVO X differs very little from the concept shown in Detroit seven months ago, with a few exceptions. The rims look close but perhaps an inch smaller than the concept, less-expensive dual-projector headlamps were added, the cool as hell LED fog lights we

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They go on vacation, they never write, they never call, bupkis is what they send as communiques from the front. Our three erstwhile podcast participants, John, Damon and Alex, have pulled it together this week after far too long a hiatus. We proudly bring you Autoblog Podcast #70. Forty minutes and fifty-five seconds of crispity-crunchity Autoblog punditry. John admits to shabby Alero repair right off the bat, but things quickly move on to how perfect the Audi S8 is. You weren't going to use tha

Like other car makers, Volkswagen is continuing to evolve internal combustion engine technology while working on other alternatives at the same time. VW has been a long-time diesel proponent and they are attacking the weak points of the design specifically the emissions of particulates and NOx. A design dubbed Combined Combustion System using homogeneous air-fuel mixing produces almost no particulates and large amounts of exhaust gas recirculation lowers the combustion temperature to minimize NO

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My apologies to our regular readers, but I've got a quick bit of non-green car news to attend to.