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To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Prancing Horse, VOD Cars has put together a compilation video that's a must watch for Fezza fetishists. Justifiably, there have been plenty of complaints about certain automotive vids whose producers are predisposed to bad music choices, masking the real aural wonders that are purportedly the focus of the flick. This isn't one of them, so click on through to enjoy.

Late last week, students and faculty at Ten Amity School of Engineering and Technology launched the world's first tri-fuel hybrid car, the Amity.

Audi has seen the future, and the future is exciting; at least in Ingolstadt. Engineers at Audi have cooked up the automotive equivalent of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. An A8L has been pressed into service as the basis for Audi's emulator, having been modified with extra hydraulics, an active steering system and hardware to steer the rear wheels, as well. Dubbed HORST, for Handling Online Research Simulation Tool, the car was initially developed to ape the dynamic responses of an E-Class Benz. More

A while back, I visited San Francisco, and for the first time in my life, I witnessed people using huge kits as sails to lift themselves up out of the water. I was suitably impressed, I must say, and thought that the sport looked like fun. Personal anecdote aside, it seems that these large kite sails may be good for more than human sport. According to this article, a company called Kite For Sale is testing these kite sails to add extra power to boats for use in shipping. The tests have worked we

Jalopnik brought us a few nice shots of the 2008 Accord coupe and sedan last week, and they do it again with some better shots of the cars' V6 badging, lower rear bumper assembly and overall BMW-like profile.

Prices and standard equipment for the New Mazda2 were announced today. At first, Mazda will be keeping the diesel versions for themselves - they'll be available a few months following the petrol versions' debut on Sept. 8.

We have spoken about the public bike rental services offered in several European cities but as it seems that people love comparisons (better with neighbors), the Catalan newspaper El Periódico has written an article comparing two of these European projects (there are others in Vienna and Paris in a few days) involving this new means of public transport. To summarize how this works: You get a card, pay a certain fee and then you have at your disposal a lot of bicycles in certain spots in y

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In yesterday's Seattle Times, Steve Marshall and Bruce Agnew of the Discovery Institute's Cascadia Center make a nice argument for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. But who cares about that when their starting anecdote reads like a movie scene?

Automakers and legislators in Europe are tightening the screws on CO2 emissions, and Porsche may turn to hybrid powertrains for the Cayenne and Panamera to meet a proposed 130 gram per kilometer limit. Bosch and Audi are reported partners in the effort to bring a gasoline/electric system to the Cayenne before 2010, with the Panamera falling in line, as well. While hybrid technology is typically used to boost fuel economy, the V8 and large vehicle size of the Porsche models are anathema to the st

According to Sterling Burnett, a member of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), the new CAFE standards should not be approved because "they will reduce consumer choices and put drivers at greater risk for injury or death in the event of an accident".

With a population now at over 1.1 billion people and a fast growing economy, India has the potential to be a huge growth market for car-makers from traditional markets where growth has been stagnant in recent years. Indian company Tata Motors has announced plans to build a $2,500 car to appeal to middle income Indians and Nissan and Renault have responded with their own proposal for a cheap car. Even with India's low car ownership rate of 7-8 cars per 1,000 people (compared to 300-500 per 1,000