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"Hey you. Yeah, you. You don't have to drive your route today. Just give the keys to Joey. He's been through what you're going through: The Drive & Survive course."

On the same morning that it was announced Toyota had passed GM as the #1 auto seller in the world, one of the men many believe to be responsible for that achievement passed away. Jim Moran became a billionaire as the founder of JM Family Enterprises of Deerfield Beach, Florida. He was also a legendary car promoter who oversaw the creation of the world's largest Toyota distributor, convincing many that Japanese cars were the way of the future. Moran's company has become one of the largest private

Writers for Newspress are at the Commercial Vehicle show in the UK and their overall impression of the CV market is "Battery electrics today – hybrids tomorrow." That might seem backward to people familiar with the passenger vehicle market what hybrids dominate over the pure-EV market, but that's how they see it.

There's a theory that only men comfortable with their manliness can get away with wearing pink. Whether you buy that or not, Ford's tough little Ranger pickup is trading its plaid shirt image for the pink livery of Salford, UK.

The second of nineteen plug-in hybrid school buses being supplied by Advanced Energy is going to the Nazareth Area School District in Pennsylvania. Nazareth is the first district in Pennsylvania to get one of these new buses which are built IC Corporation and Enova Systems. The bus will go into service in the fall for the next school year.

While some Chinese companies have begun to figure out what we Westerners like, others still speak a different design language.

It's the 2007 Canadian Car of the Year. It might soon be built in Oz. And it could be yours. What are we talking about: the 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid.

Poor Jacques is all washed up. Where this writer was born and raised, JV was a homegrown hero who lived up to his family name by taking the checkered flag at the Indy 500 (and the CART championship) and going on to win the Formula One title only two years later. But when you've reached the top, there's only one way to go. Unfortunately for Canadian race fans, that's the direction Jacques has been going for the last ten years.

Every so often we hear a tale of an engineer driving a development mule in public who just goes nuts. Most of the time it's triggered by a photographer taking pictures of the Top Secret car he's driving, at which point the engineer freaks and attempts to kill the offending snapper via vehicular homicide. It happened to our buddy Chris Doane last summer when a Ford engineer tried to flatten him with an F-250 mule. This time a group of Toyota engineers driving an IS 350 chase vehicle, RX hybrid de

The Society of Automotive Engineers has been sponsoring design competitions for engineering students for several decades with one of the most popular being the Formual SAE. In that event, teams of college students design, build, develop and race a single seat open-wheel race car, generally powered by some kind of motorcycle engine. In addition to the car itself, they also have to produce technical reports on the car, including cost and performance analysis all of which are judged. Given the real

Remember last year when Aston Martin completed the Nürburgring 24 Hours with pretty much a showroom stock V8 Vantage driven by the company's CEO, Ulrich Bez, and three other professional drivers? They finished 24th overall out of a field of 220 entrants, most of which were pure race cars. Well, Bez decided at that time to let customers in on the fun. He greenlighted a similar package for customer Vantages soon after and, true to his word, released the N24 spec V8 Vantage. The N24 is 550 lbs

BioMaxx Systems, a Canadian biotechnology consulting company, is crossing the Pacific to put the final touches on a design for a biodiesel demonstration plant in South Asia. BioMaxx hopes to plop the plant down in either Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand, and BioMaxx wants the site to be located close to feedstocks and have "geographic access to major markets such as China or Japan." Exactly which feedstock the plant will use was not announced. BioMaxx did say that the, "plant will be designed to

Having lived in Detroit for a period of time, I can attest to the damage that potholes can inflict on a car's suspension. One particularly bad crator nearly threw me and my little Mazda Protege off a stretch of I-75 just south of the city one time. Still, despite the crumbling roads of Michigan caused by overweight semis running back and forth, I've never encountered a pot hole like the one that recently formed in Nanchang in the Jiangxi Province of China. The giant hole apparently opened up on

Now that GM is officially Number Two, many Monday morning quarterbacks are popping up to "help" the general right the ship. Count Alex Taylor III, Fortune's senior writer, among them. In an interesting article, Taylor outlines reasons why GM should cut loose the anchors of Buick, Pontiac, HUMMER, GMC and Saab in order to move forward and prosper. Reckoning that GM is too bloated with brands and capacity that were fine 50 years ago, Fortune says it's time to move on.

At a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on Tuesday, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson held to the Bush Administration line and refused to say when or if his agency would regulate greenhouse gases. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA is authorized under current law to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Committee chair Barbara Boxer replied that, "There is no excuse for delay."

We know what you're thinking: "Not another new Mustang!" Well, if that was your first reaction then feel free to skip this item and move on to the next. For those who can appreciate a stylish and solid rwd platform that offers lots of speedy thrills for little dinero, we have a real gem for you. The basic Mustang, whether in V6 or V8 form, offers a lot of bang for the buck, but afficionados know it's merely a starting point. The platform can handle a lot more horsepower and where there's a need,

The interweb is atwitter today thanks to a piece published by the Detroit News that hints Chrysler may revive the storied Cuda nameplate. Such a car would obviously share a platform with the upcoming Challenger, though would be sold as a Chrysler model since its original parent brand, Plymouth, is long since shuttered. The rumor was started by an interview given by famed hot rod tuner Chip Foose at the 2007 New York Auto Show earlier this month in which he mentioned the possibility of such a car

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