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Oil prices set for highest annual gain this decade

Well, it's not like we need to tell you that $3 gas is pretty much the new black. While the price of a barrel of oil hasn't broken the $100 barrier yet, it is sitting pretty at around $96 these days and the AP is saying that the high prices mean that the price of oil is set "for its biggest annual gain this decade as dwindling fuel stocks and growing concern over political turmoil offset the impact of a softening U.S. economy." You hear that, SUV drivers?

Continental plans to start series production of LiIon batteries in 2008

It appears Continental Automotive may be the first major company to start series production of automotive lithium ion batteries. According to an interview in German Magazine Auto Motor und Sport, Continental CEO Manfred Wennemer announced the company would start series production of automotive lithium ion battery packs in 2008. The article doesn't say who the cell supplier is or what customer the packs are intended for.

Field of Dreams: Exotics to gather in Florida for Supercar Weekend

If you live in South Florida, or can manage to get there, you may want to mark off the last weekend in January on your calendar. West Palm Beach is hosting what's being billed as the largest supercar show in the world, taking place along the waterfront from January 24-27, 2008.

24 Hours of LeMons Thunderhill wrap-up

The Jaloptikons made the trek north this past weekend to take in the final 24 Hours of LeMons event at the Thunderhill Raceway and after making the long slog back to their respective homes, they've put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 competitors that ran the crap-can race.

Industry leaders predictions for '08; Lutz angrier than ever

Between top X lists and hastily written end-of-the-year musings, the final day of 2007 is looking a lot like last year's run of retrospectives. Although some of the stories are different, many of the players have remained the same, so Tom Walsh from the Freep shot out a dozen emails to some of the leaders in his home state to get their predictions and hopes for the New Year.

Porsche studio wins iF Product Design Award

Porsche fanatics recognize the German sportscars for their engineering, less so for their design, which changes very little from one successive model to another. The company's merchandising design studio, however, is being recognized for its design prowess with another iF Product Design Award.

Senator carjacked for 22-inch chrome rims

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/Senator_carjacked_for_22_inch_chrome_rims'; According to the Oakland, CA police, carjackings in Raider Nation occur at the rate of about one per day. While we don't follow the news out of Oaktown on a regular basis, we're fairly certain most carjackings don't make the daily paper. So why then has the LA Times covered a carjacking in Oakland? Well, it seems that the victim was a state senator who police believe was targeted because of his car's flashy rims

Another Malaysian automaker interested in buying Lotus?

According to a report by Reuters, a Malaysian company has approached Proton Holdings and asked if the automaker would be willing to part with its controlling stake in Lotus. The unnamed company is interested in purchasing the 63.75-percent of shares of the British automaker and automotive consultancy firm that Proton purchased back in 1996.

How better to power the underwater sQuba car than on batteries?

I briefly looked at Autoblog's mention of the sQuba concept the other day, but I must have been too astounded by the idea of a submersible car to realize that, hey, that thing's all-electric. ABG tipster Domenick, though, sent in a note about the sQuba and pointed out that this ridiculous little thing is a ZEV. The sQuba won't be used by James Cameron any time soon, but it can go up to 10 meters underwater and contains an oxygen supply in the cab.

Spy Shots: Citroen C-something could be Berlingo van replacement

Earlier we brought you a screen shot of Citroen's website that features a countdown meter until the French automaker unveils its latest vehicle. Although we'll have to wait another couple of days to know for certain, the replacement for the Berlingo utility minivan is shaping up as a strong contender for the slot, with an undisguised photo of the new vehicle surfacing on the internet.

What's the plural of Prius?

International Herald Tribune has a fun article trying to figure out how to refer to multiple Prius vehicles. It could be Priora because Prius is a "neuter nominative/accusative singular of the adjective prior." It could also be Prioria because "adjectives of the third declension belong to the i-stem declension" (Don't ask me to explain that). Priora means the car is masculine or feminine but if cars are women, then it's Priores. Other candidates include Prii, Prix and Priapic. I think I will sti

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