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Now that there's proof that we won't stuff a high-end piece of machinery into the weeds, we don't see why this video doesn't have two Autobloggers flogging a couple of Ferraris up some cow path in Tuscany.

Ever heard of Edran? Neither had we until this post came up over at Motor Authority. According to the site, Edran's been producing high-end driver's cars since 1984, including the Spyder pictured above. The website goes into detail about the automaker's philosophy, which hits all the enthusiast sweet spots by calling out the frivolous paraphernalia that seems to plague other uber-exotic performance cars.

Sure, the Ford Focus is getting a bit long in the tooth and we're all impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next generation car, but that shouldn't overshadow the successes of the current model. From day one, the current Focus has been lauded as a fun to drive small car. From the base model all the way up to the hot hatch SVT, the Focus has proven itself willing to hike up its side skirts and get a move on at the slightest provocation.

The jewel of the PARD Hybrid Vehicle Exhibition last June was the Oaktec Honda Insight. The event, the first of its kind for hybrids in the UK, was held at Prodrive's test facility in Warwickshire and hosted hundreds of delegates including FIA technical consultant Peter Wright.

General Motors has decided to pull its ad dollars out of the long running reality TV show Survivor. The automaker has supported Survivor since it began airing over 12 seasons ago. GM made the decision to get off the island about three months ago and claims it has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding the show's upcoming 13th season. Survivor: Cook Islands will have contestants divided by race into teams, which is obviously drawing the ire of many a social activist. A GM spokesperson, ho

In case having to pay more and more money every time you fill up is not sufficient motivation to consider a fuel efficient car, Ferndale, a Detroit suburb, is now offering free parking for cars that get 30 mpg or better. The ordinance, the first of its kind in Michigan, wants to promote environmentally friendly behavior through the small financial incentive. Craig Covey, a Ferndale council member, realizes the ordinance is more of a symbolic step. The city council met yesterday to determine whic

NASCAR drivers don't usually like to experience extreme oversteer in their racecars because it usually means they're spinning out of control and about to hit the wall. Tomorrow, however, a brave group of NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers will fight their instincts in a drift battle against some of the top D1 drifters at Irwindale Speedway, the site of this country's very first professional drift event in 2003. All of the proceeds from the event, called the Mopar D1 All-Star Duel presented by ShiftIntoGe

After a recent tip from Mike at Treehugger, I'm finally posting about these sweet-looking Lexus RX 400h hybrid cop cars. Now, they're not so cool looking that I want one in my rearview mirror, but if they did, I'd at least have to thank the officer for mixing a little green with the chubby blue line (that's a MST3K reference, just so you know).

Former NASCAR champ Rusty Wallace had only good things to say about his 2006 Dodge Durango when he and his family emerged unscathed from the vehicle after it was T-boned on the driver's side by an absent minded driver talking on her cell phone. The former driver of the No. 2 Dodge was quoted after the accident saying, "You hear car companies talk about safety a lot, but I can tell you that (wife) Patti and I are both really thankful for the research and development that Dodge puts into the safet

The ever-elusive electric RAV4 has once again shown its face. You can set your sights on one of the last of the major automakers' electric vehicles that still run wild in the streets in this eBay auction (by the way, did you know that Microsoft Word will tell you that Ebay is spelled wrong, but eBay is correct? Who took the time to program that into the Word dictionary?). This RAV4 EV currently has a bid of $35,000, but the reserve is not met (the Buy It Now price is $65,000, which is about on p

Chrysler summer-long Employee Pricing incentive ends today and is being replaced by a good old fashion Zero Percent Financing deal. The new deal applies to all 2006 models, which means Chrysler is eager to reduce the inventory of its dealers to make room for a flood of new products it plans on introducing this year, including the Chrysler Sebring and Aspen that were given prices today by the company.

Audi appears to have set off a chain reaction with its forthcoming R8 sports car. The automaker's primary competitors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, are both cooking up their own new sports cars. Auto Motor und Sport reports that BMW is busy working on the Z9 for 2010. The front-engined Z9 would eschew the Z8's retro themes for a more current look, and be powered at first by a version of the M5/M6 V10 making 500+ horses. That engine could possibly be joined by a 400+ hp V8 after the car's initial relea

Hello, Bentley? Yeah, it's Autoblog again. Thanks for the Flying Spur. Hey, saw the new Arnage...

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm recently announced that the state will spend $250,000 by 2008 to boost its alternative fuel infrastructure. The program involves the conversion of 1,000 gas pumps to either ethanol or biodiesel across the state. The money is intended to assist gas station owners in paying for up to 75 percent of the cost of converting an existing pump to alternative fuel or 50 percent of the cost of adding a new pump. It roughly costs $2,000 to convert an existing pump while i

Reuters is reporting that Toyota is about to jump into the cell phone business with KDDI Corp., Japan's No. 2 wireless carrier of which 11 percent is owned by the Japanese auto giant. The company's ultimate goal is to close the gap between its cars and telecom networks, so the new phone will be compatible with Toyota navigation systems via Bluetooth. The pair of companies has also developed some type of battery charger that Reuters reports will attach to the armrest of a car and offer music and

Just in time for the Labor Day Weekend, two on-line travel agencies, Travelocity and Expedia, have recently launched carbon offset programs for their travelers.

GM announced today that it will be making its OnStar Turn-by-Turn navigation system standard on a number of 2007 models and that the first year of service will be free. Owners of vehicles already equipped with OnStar can also have the service activated through an optional $100 OnStar package upgrade within their first year of use. Turn-by-Turn is considered an "off-board" GPS navigation system because the heavy lifting is done by OnStar advisors and a centrally-managed remote database. Users jus

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