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Sep 19th 2008 at 1:35PM

GM axes small crossover plans, Asian compact coming instead

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevy Orlando concept

When GM and the UAW agreed to a new contract in 2007, several new models and the plants in which they would be built were agreed on. Drastic shifts in customer tastes are changing those plans rapidly, and the General is scrambling to deliver. GM was planning to build a seven-seat crossover based off its global Delta small car platform at the Detroit Hamtramck plant next year, but the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the vehicle will no longer be produced for the US market.

The small MPV, which is being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in concept form as the Chevy Orlando, will still be available in Europe where small seven-seaters are much more popular than here in the States. The small crossover will instead be replaced by a compact vehicle from Asia, possibly the Chevy Beat. However, GM never designed the Beat to meet U.S. crash-test standards, but hopefully the extra resources freed up by nixing the Orlando's U.S. launch could make that happen in quick order.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]