# of Recalls Component Affected
2015 Ford Fiesta 2 Engine And Engine Cooling, Fuel System, Gasoline More Details
2014 Ford Fiesta 5 Engine And Engine Cooling, Latches/locks/linkages, Fuel System, Gasoline More Details
2013 Ford Fiesta 2 Latches/locks/linkages, Air Bags More Details
2012 Ford Fiesta 2 Latches/locks/linkages, Air Bags More Details
2011 Ford Fiesta 2 Latches/locks/linkages, Air Bags More Details


5 Articles
Focus and Fiesta owners sue Ford over faulty transmissions

Recalls and service bulletins haven't fixed the issues.

Ford issues two big recalls for fire risk, door latches

Several models are affected, from Fiesta ST to Lincoln MKZ.

Over 200,000 cars included in each recall.

Ford expands door-latch recall to 156k more vehicles, nearly 550k total

Ford is expanding its door-latch recall to an additional 156,000 vehicles in North America because the doors might not close, or could open while driving. The affected models include certain years of the Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, and the majority are in the US.

Ford recalls 591,177 vehicles in four separate campaigns

Ford is recalling 591,177 vehicles from multiple model lines in four separate campaigns. The largest problem affects the possibility of fracturing bolts in cold-weather states.

Ford recalling 390,000 cars over door latch woes

Ford has issued yet another recall over faulty door latches, this time affecting the Fiesta, Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ from model years 2012 to 2014.

Ford issues six recalls covering 101,000 vehicles for multiple issues

Ford is announcing six separate recalls for a variety of issues affecting a dozen models and a total of 100,610 vehicles in North America. However, according to Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker, "None of them have caused accidents or injuries." Half of them cover fewer than 1,000 cars.

Ford recalls 150k Fiestas over airbag concern

Ford has issued a recall for a segment of 2011 to 2013 model year Fiesta subcompacts that concerns improper deployment of the side curtain airbags. Cars recalled were manufactured between November 3, 2009 and September 21, 2012 – 154,604 units in total.