Latest News

Latest News

  • 14 hrs ago

    Audi announces new two-digit naming system

    It wants a standard output badge for all powertrains
  • 14 hrs ago

    Lane-departure warnings really are saving lives, says IIHS

    Fatalities are reduced by 86 percent.
  • 15 hrs ago

    1180-hp Ariel electric sports car is real, goes on sale in 2020

    It's called Hipercar until a final name is decided
  • 16 hrs ago

    Cleaning your car interior | Autoblog Details | Complete Detail ep 3

  • 17 hrs ago

    How'd you like to replace Jeremy Clarkson on 'The Grand Tour'?

  • 19 hrs ago

    VW T-Roc revealed | Colorful, configurable compact crossover

    See all the details and photos
  • 19 hrs ago

    Florida man faces 12 DUI counts after striking 17 parked cars

  • 19 hrs ago

    Ferrari Portofino revealed: Goodbye California, hello beautiful

    Longer, lower and wider with a turbo V8.
  • 20 hrs ago

    Sorry, Apple fans: You won't get a self-driving car with spherical wheels

    NYT describes how Apple's design ambitions brought down its autonomous car.
  • 20 hrs ago

    Calgary Airport converts handicap parking to Lexus-only stalls

    Airport claims responsibility for boneheaded move.
  • 21 hrs ago

    Meet the Jeep Wrangler's tiny Japanese doppelganger, the Suzuki Jimny

    The true successor to the Samurai.
  • 21 hrs ago

    LG opening Detroit-area parts plant for Chevy Bolt, other EVs

    It builds many major Bolt bits, and now it will build them here.
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