Latest News

Latest News

  • 1 hr ago

    Uber reportedly will withdraw from Quebec rather than abide by new rules

    Quebec wants Uber drivers to undergo training.
  • 2 hrs ago

    BMW invites users to take new X3 for a virtual spin on Mars

    Grab your VR goggles.
  • 3 hrs ago

    Jaguar Land Rover reportedly developing Road Rover car

    It would be an AWD all-electric sibling of the next-gen Jaguar XJ.
  • 3 hrs ago

    Mercedes and Elon Musk get into a Twitter fight

    It's an EV investment-measuring contest. Or they're measuring something anyway.
  • 4 hrs ago

    Wanna jump in my BMW and come back to my pad?

    BMW 530e PHEV to get wireless charging option
  • 4 hrs ago

    World's largest miner BHP says 2017 is 'tipping point' for EV boom

    And copper production may have trouble keeping up.
  • 4 hrs ago

    Hyundai gives 3 millionth Elantra in America to hurricane hero near Houston (Update)

    He's a paramedic that helped out his town
  • 19 hrs ago

    Porsche unveils 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

    More words, more room, more money.
  • 20 hrs ago

    Week after London boots Uber, documents show it met with Lyft

    Rideshare service has been planning to expand outside of U.S.
  • 20 hrs ago

    The Fate of the Furious comes to Forza Motorsport 7

    It's got everything but a submarine.
  • 21 hrs ago

    Daimler to test truck convoy 'platooning' technology on U.S. roads

    It will test the fuel-saving drafting method in Oregon.
  • 22 hrs ago

    Jaguar Land Rover might buy another luxury brand that it doesn't need

    What it needs is a mainstream or ultra-luxury brand

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