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Bad headlines, but also good ones, are all part of the Tesla story

His focus is distracted from building Tesla cars at scale.


Personnel files also revealed in huge data breach

A massive data leak has revealed the personnel files of hundreds of employees at Jaguar Land Rover's factory in Solihull, England. The documents reveal details such as sick days used, disciplinary issues and — most notably — red lines indicating potential firings in the weeks or months ahead. In total, the personal records of more than 600 workers were released. JLR is scrambling to contain the crisis. The breach was first reported by the Huffington Post UK, with the automaker initia


From shocks to seats, a more rugged Raptor

From shocks to seats, a more rugged Raptor.


It shows what the real car looked like originally

Porsche has recently re-created a key piece of its history, the very first 356.


In an ‘extremely rare’ situation, cruise control might be stuck on

In an "extremely rare" situation, cruise control might be stuck on.

Quick Spin

FCA's pickup is still a favorite in these parts

The 2019 Ram 1500 is the newest full-size truck to the market, though the upcoming 2019 Chevy Silverado isn't too far off. We've driven a few models so far, from the base-spec Tradesman up to the kitted-out Limited variant. Modern trucks are expected to do everything from towing a boat, hauling mulch or carrying a family of five on an extended road trip. The days of simple, single-minded trucks have long since passed.


It might go to the Nurburgring to set a time

Following in the footsteps of BMW's custom M3 pickup trucks, engineers at Honda's Civic hatchback factory in the U.K. built their own high-performance pickup out of a 2018 Honda Civic Type R. The car is just as absurd as you would hope. The roof from behind the B-pillars has been chopped out to create a truck bed, one filled with diamond-pattern steel. The engineers managed to retain the curves of the original sheet metal, and shaped the tops of the bed sides to mirror them.


‘I feel one got away from me a few years ago’

'I feel one got away from me a few years ago.'


You won't see this at dealers anytime soon

You won't see this at dealers anytime soon.

First Drive

America's Ford hot hatch dreams are ending, but not Europe's

The driving style required to get the most out of a Fiesta ST requires braking late into the corner to turn the car on its nose. Which sounds fun until you start dwelling on the potential consequences of running out of hairpin to play on, there being little more than a curb-height wall between you and oblivion. The ability not to worry about that is what separates rally champions such as Ogier from the rest of us, but the ST successfully offers a sense of that driving style to those with average


4-time winner Rick Mears advising 3-time winner Helio Castroneves

4-time winner Rick Mears advising 3-time winner Helio Castroneves.

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