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Save 37% on the Autel MaxiLink OBD2 scanner today

Diagnose that pesky dashboard light you've been ignoring

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Been ignoring the warning light that popped up on your dashboard because "it's probably fine?" We've all done it, but it's a dangerous game. Problems that might not seem immediately damaging can slowly put your car through more and more stress until what may have been a small problem turns into a big one. If you don't want to go running to the mechanic every time a light pops up, you should know it's actually pretty easy to diagnose what those warning lights mean. In many cases, to do so, all you'll need is a trusty OBD2 scanner.

This Autel Maxilink is a great option, and it's currently on sale for 37% off. The Maxilink can read and clear codes on OBD2, ABS, SRS, Engine and Transmission systems. ABS, SRS, Engine and Transmission scan may not work on newer vehicles built after 2014, but Autel allows and encourages you to contact them with your VIN to confirm compatibility before you order. OBD2 functions, however, should work on U.S.-built cars post 1996, European-built cars post 2006 and Asian-built cars post 2009. The scanner can help drivers check their emission data and provide an O2 monitor test, EVAP leak test, vehicle info and more. It even includes a built-in library of 7,000 DTC (diagnostic trouble code) definitions and allows users to quickly pinpoint their issue and even print out their findings to share with mechanics later. Autel provides lifetime free software updates and technical support with purchase, and this particular scanner includes a 12-month warranty for after-sales defects. Click here to check it out and take advantage of the great deal.

Autel MaxiLink OBD2 Scanner - $126.88 (37% off)

$126.88 at Amazon

Key features

  • Built for use by DIYers and home mechanics
  • Reads/clears codes on OBD2, ABS, SRS, engine and transmission systems (ABS, SRS, engine and transmission codes may not work on vehicles newer than 2015)
  • OBD2 functions work on most US cars post 1996, EU cars post 2006 and Asian cars post 2009
  • Features live data view, freeze frame data, vehicle info, I/M readiness checks, an O2 monitor test, an on-board monitor test, an EVAP leak test and more
  • Helps to verify if your vehicle will pass annual smog checks
  • Comes with a built-in DTC library of 7,000 DTC definitions to help verify what certain codes mean quickly and easily
  • Records data and can transfer to a PC for printing and giving to a mechanic
  • Pre-installed with English, but Spanish can be unlocked for free by contacting the manufacturer with your serial number
  • Lifetime free software updates and tech support

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