Ferrari recalls SF90 Stradale, Spider for child seat issue

You'll have to take the kid to preschool in the Rolls-Royce this week

Ferrari is recalling a whopping 13 examples of the 2021-2023 SF90 Stradale and Spider models to address a potential issue with their passenger-side airbags impacting an installed child seat. The issue affects a tiny number of cars even by Ferrari standards, because the company's seats are sold in different sizes, and this recall covers only those cars fitted with size M seats. 

"Passenger seats size M installed on SF90 model (where equipped with child seats) do not comply with FMVSS 208," Ferrari's defect notice to NHTSA said. "In particular, in case of an accident, the deployment of an airbag of the passenger M size seat could possibly impact the child seat, thereby potentially causing abnormal body acceleration, which may lead to injuries and/or death." 

This applies to both the standard and Daytona-style size M seats. Fortunately, the fix is relatively simple. Ferrari will swap out the European-sized seat for one of proper American proportions. Ferrari's size XL seat will accommodate a kiddie seat without potential interference from the airbag. The issue was discovered in internal testing in November, Ferrari says, and no incidents have been reported involving cars in customer hands. 

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