Watch truck drag car sideways as trapped driver waves for help

A lane change gone wrong

Last year in a Mini-vs-dump-truck encounter, and even last month when a car was crushed by a semi, we've seen examples of some grim interactions between trucks and passenger vehicles, and it never ceases to be terrifying. This week brought a new entry in the genre: A car wound up under the trailer of a big rig outside of Chicago, and the truck dragged the car more than a half-mile — while the trapped teenage driver waved for assistance from what was left of her car window.

The crash happened midday Tuesday on I-294 in Elmhurst, Illinois. Motorist Grzesiek Misiek captured video of the slow-rolling aftermath.

Illinois State Police said the car's driver, 19-year-old Laylisha Gardner, changed lanes — and apparently took her 2005 Honda Accord under the trailer. 

Incredibly, troopers said she wasn't injured. The truck driver was oblivious to the dragging car or screeching tires at first, but eventually pulled over.

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