Hyundai gives us an early glimpse at its biggest electric car yet

It's a tall SUV with a futuristic design. Is this Ioniq 7?

Like all of its rivals, Hyundai is gradually adding electric cars to its range. It unveiled the Ioniq 5 earlier in 2021, and it released a dark preview image that shows a bigger, more family-friendly EV that could be called Ioniq 7.

Posted on social media, the photo depicts three cars: the aforementioned Ioniq 5 (which will soon join the Lyft fleet as an autonomous prototype), a stylish concept named Ioniq 6 that started life as the Prophecy, and a large SUV that's accurately labeled "Ioniq Large SUV." While much of its design is hidden, we can tell it wears a look of its own that doesn't copy Hyundai's smaller EVs or its gasoline-burning SUVs. It's characterized by a tall, upright front end with a thin LED strip running across it and two clusters of vertical LEDs that serve as the daytime running lights.

From what we can tell, the SUV's proportions are different than, say, the Palisade's. It wears a short front overhang, a short hood, and what appears to be a relatively long wheelbase — proportions seen on many battery-powered cars and made possible because electric motors are more compact than an internal combustion engine. It looks like the SUV has four doors, and it might even have space for three rows of seats. The model remains a concept, however, so what you see isn't necessarily what you'll get if and when it reaches showrooms.

No technical specifications were released, meaning we don't know precisely what the Ioniq SUV is powered by. While this is pure speculation, we're guessing it's equipped with a pair of electric motors for through-the-road all-wheel-drive.

More details about Hyundai's large electric SUV will emerge in the coming months. It wasn't at the Munich auto show, which opened its doors on September 7, but there's still one major event on the 2021 calendar: Los Angeles. It's scheduled to start on November 19, and California would undoubtedly be one of the SUV's main markets.

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