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Audi only made 15 of these limited edition R8 V10s and you can win one here

Comes with 10 cylinders and $20,000

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The word "bargain" is rarely used when it comes to supercars, but since the Audi R8 is a less-expensive version of the Lamborghini Huracan, it is a bit of a supercar bargain. If you win this one that Omaze is giving away, you'll really be saving some cash, plus you'll have one of the rarest examples of the R8 in existence, one of only 15 ever made in Mugello Blue.

Win a Limited Edition Audi R8 V10 and $20,000 - Enter at Omaze

Here’s what we thought about the R8 when we first got behind the wheel:

"We stand in awe as Audi after Audi crackles off the line and sprints into the distance, rending the air with throaty howls en route to a wicked 8,700-rpm redline. (A Sport exhaust button that amplifies the sound is right there on the steering wheel, and owners are likely to wear it out). Audi plays it cool with a conservative 3.2-second 0-60-mph estimate for the R8 Performance coupe; 2.9 seconds is closer to the truth, as achieved in previous tests of the R8 in this engine spec. The Spyder is estimated to run only a tenth slower to 60 mph. Both models deliver the 200-mph bona fides of a self-respecting supercar, at a 205-mph peak for the Coupe and a hair-mussing 204 mph for the Spyder.

"The 2020 update also brings a healthy 30-horsepower bump for the base R8 coupe and convertible, from 532 to 562 horsepower, and eight additional pound-feet of torque, now at 406 pound-feet. Audi pegs their 0-60-mph dashes at 3.4 and 3.5 seconds for the base coupe and Spyder, respectively, and sets their prices at $171,150 and $183,350. There’s also a coupe-only Decennium edition, limited to 222 copies, with the final 50 coming to the States. It’s a trim package that comes only in Mythos Black paint and all-black interior, with an intake manifold and wheels in matte-bronze finish and side blades, rear wing and other components in gloss carbon fiber.

"On the 2020 design front, a reworked front bumper features a more horizontal perspective that accentuates the Audi’s lowness and width. That includes a dramatically stretched, black honeycomb grille, a new spoiler lip and lateral air intakes. That front end now incorporates a faux, winged inlet that bookends the bumper — and whose plastic-capped “opening” seems more from the Lexus school of overworked design than Audi’s typical understatement. Headlight lenses have been darkened, and a redesigned rocker panel gets a new inlay. Audi’s Laser Light high beam is standard on Performance versions, and their crisp, ultra-long-range illumination steps in for conventional high-beams at speeds above 40 mph. The Laser Light’s decorative blue element illuminates on European-market models, but U.S. regulations forbid any trace of blue lighting.

"On one long, canyon-blasting descent, I employ left-foot braking to balance the Audi into blind apexes, then roll onto the throttle and feel the Haldex-based front axle come online, maximizing grip and exit speed as I hurtle toward the next corner like a barrel over Niagara Falls. This is one fast, confident sports car, and its V10 gushes power and never quits, as evidenced by that 200-mph-plus top speed.

"The R8 still makes a vivid statement of design and performance, yet it’s always run a bit below the radar, including in sales. Since its debut in 2007, Audi has moved about 800 R8’s a year in America on average, including a high-water mark of 1,145 cars in 2011.  This is a supercar for a more practical-minded, German-favoring buyer, a contrast to the flashier form and naked emotionalism of the Lamborghini Huracán. Those Audi fans are just the type to do some practical math as well: The standard R8 Coupe undercuts the Huracan Evo’s price by about $90,000." 

You’re probably asking yourself, what does it take to win? First of all, according to Omaze, "no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes." $10 will get you 100 entries, while $50 will get you 1,000 entries and $100 will get you 2,000 entries.

The donations themselves benefit Eastern Congo Initiative. According to Omaze, “Founded in 2010 by Ben Affleck and Whitney Williams, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) is wholly focused on working with and for the people of eastern Congo through advocacy, grant-making initiatives and Asili, a social business platform. They envision an eastern Congo vibrant with abundant opportunities for economic and social development, where a robust civil society can flourish. ECI believes that local, community-based approaches are essential to creating a sustainable and successful society in eastern Congo.”

If you want to win this rare supercar, enter here. The deadline to enter is July 29, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

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