Hot Wheels selects chopped Ford Model A as Legends Tour finalist

It has a sunroof from a Nissan Quest

Hot Wheels organized the first in-person Legends Tour stop of 2021 on July 10 in Miami. Several enthusiasts attended the event hoping to win, but only one was selected by a panel of judges to move on to the semi-finals.

Florida resident Ray Aquit was crowned the winner by a team of judges that included Eric Han, the lead designer for Hot Wheels. Aquit entered a 1929 Ford Model A nicknamed Loosie in the competition. It's not just any 1920s car; staying true to the Hot Wheels spirit, it's an extensively modified two-door that looks nothing like it did 92 years ago.

Aquit built Loosie by chopping eight inches from the Model A's roof pillars and shortening the body by 4.5 inches. It rides on a custom-made chassis, it's fitted with a steel dashboard sourced from a 1940 Ford pickup, and — you're not going to see this one coming — part of its roof panel comes from a Nissan Quest. That explains why Loosie offers passengers a power-operated sunroof. Hood-less, it rides on 20-inch wheels that come up to the window line.

The tour will continue its trek across the United States in search of the next addition to the Hot Wheels catalog. Its next scheduled stop is on August 7 in Detroit, and the global grand finale is scheduled for November 13. Aquit's Model A will compete against 2021's previous winners, including a home-made, Indy-inspired roadster named Lulu. The winning car will become a 1/64-scale Hot Wheels model that will be sold globally.

In stores now, 2020's winner was a heavily modified 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

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