Wear a helmet, whether you're a biker or a Viking

Denmark's Road Safety Council puts out a fun PSA about helmets and invading England

Whether you legally have to, wearing a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle is the smart thing to do. But sometimes it takes a reminder and some coaxing. That's where PSAs come in, and some can be cringe-y, but this one from Denmark's Road Safety Council is pretty fun.

Instead of a bunch of statistics, some overly cheery people or a grim crash illustration, the Council gives us Vikings. They've all gathered to set off for England for a good ol' pillaging. But their leader has hopped up on his horse without his head gear. And thus begins an awkward conversation with a helmet-clad friend who tries to get him to put it on.

The leader has the typical complaints. He says it makes his scalp itch and it messes up his braids. But eventually the leader's wife and kids convince him otherwise. We especially like the line from the helmeted friend that the English probably wear helmets, too. We also get the satisfaction of seeing the helmet come in handy going through a low gate.

It's not perfect. The end seems to suggest the leader could've ducked under the gate if he could see better without a helmet. And it would've been nice to see some more peer pressure besides the family. But all in all, it's a fun PSA with a good message. So when you head out to pillage, er, ride to work, make sure you grab your brain bucket.

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