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Steer busts out of trailer, blocks Atlanta traffic for over an hour

It took multiple police officers and a citizen to corral it

We love a good animal blocks traffic story here at Autoblog. See the recent mama llama trauma incident in Oregon and koala behind the wheel in Australia stories as examples. Today, the news concerns a steer blocking traffic in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Local news outlet WSB-TV Atlanta reported over the weekend that the bovine escaped its trailer on a metro freeway. It reportedly roamed free for over an hour on the highway (I-285 West), causing traffic to pile up and even potentially causing a crash or two. Local news outlets were unable to confirm that the steer was the source of the crashes, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Police were called in to corral the animal. It took multiple officers to get the job done, but they couldn’t have done it without the assistance of a citizen who had rope. What methods of capture were the police attempting before some genius with rope came along, you ask? We’re not sure. The police’s Facebook post (below) doesn’t say.

You can see photos of the steer tied up to an officer’s Chevy Tahoe. Police confirmed that the animal simply fell out of a livestock trailer (c’mon people, secure your cows). The steer has since lost its sweet, sweet freedom and was returned to its owner. There’s no doubt that the grand escape and time on the run has made it the most legen-dairy steer on the farm.

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