Honda's new cabin air filter traps and nukes viruses — yes, even coronavirus

And allergens, and just about everything else. Unfortunately, it's for Europe only.

Honda developed a four-layer cabin air filter that's like a face mask for your car. Announced in January 2021, the filter joined the firm's catalog of genuine spare parts in Europe, where it's compatible with a long list of models.

German group Freudenberg helped Honda design the virus-zapping air filter. Its first two layers consist of microfibers that trap viral aerosols, pollen, and dust to ensure they don't make their way into the cabin. The third layer is made of activated charcoal which absorbs harmful particulates and acid gases, while the fourth is coated with an active substance of fruit extract that, according to Honda, inactivates nearly 100% of the viral aerosols it captures. In other words, it traps most viruses and germs and quickly kills them.

Honda evidently linked its new air filter to the coronavirus pandemic, but it stressed that it started developing the part before the virus began making headlines; Honda merely fast-tracked it due to the outbreak. It's important to not forget there are numerous other airborne diseases that can make people sick. The filter also keeps common allergens out of the cabin, which promises to provide much-needed relief as spring approaches.

Across the pond, Honda dealers started selling the cabin air filter (which earned the Premium label) in March 2021. It's compatible with all recent Honda models sold in Europe, and according to a Honda spokesperson, it will only be offered in Europe. Honda has also developed a similar product, known as the Kurumask, in Japan.

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