Peugeot reveals new logo, its first big change under Stellantis

A new logo is coming to to the cars, but the cars won't be coming here any time soon

New Peugeot logo
New Peugeot logo / Image Credit: Peugeot
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Now that Peugeot is part of the newly-formed Stellantis, it’s getting a brand makeover. The start of this reinvention is the introduction of a new logo, the first new Peugeot logo since 2010.

It’s one of the bigger logo changes that Peugeot has gone through since the beginning, as the walking, zombie lion it has used for decades is no more. Instead of standing with outstretched arms, Peugeot has zoomed in on the lion’s face. It’s shown from the side profile with a powerful mane and open mouth, showing its fangs. The outgoing lion didn’t exactly look friendly, but this new one is definitely a bit more fear-inducing.

The lion is on a royal coat of arms shield, and “Peugeot” is spelled out in all-caps above it. Its mix of modernity and historical perspective is great, and it’s one of the better new logos we’ve seen as of late. Peugoet didn’t try too hard to make something high-tech or futuristic, but it in no way looks old either. You can see a quick overview of every Peugeot logo ever used in the video below.

The company says its new design is reflective of the company’s recent moves upmarket and the introduction of several new electric vehicles. Peugeot says that it designed the logo to be timeless, and it’s certainly one we won’t mind looking at for quite some time to come. It’s a shame that the American Peugeot renaissance that was once meant to be is looking less likely by the minute.

This logo will find its first home on the recently-redesigned 308 hatchback, and it’ll be displayed on all Peugeot dealerships (as depicted in the gallery) by 2023. Peugeot gave us a preview of this logo with the e-Legend Concept. Now that the logo from that car is real, we surely hope that a production version of the car will follow.

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