Gaming Roundup | 'Dirt 5' and 'Wreckfest' are coming to Game Pass

Also, EA makes a heartening promise to Codemasters fans

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This week in racing game news, "Dirt 5" and "Wreckfest" are coming to Game Pass just in time to celebrate "Dirt 5's" new content update and EA promises to keep Codemasters an "independent group" after their acquisition. 

"Dirt 5" and "Wreckfest" are coming to Game Pass

Game Pass subscribers got some great news this week when it was announced that both "Dirt 5" and "Wreckfest" will be coming to Game Pass subscribers this month on both Xbox and PC. If you're somehow unaware, Game Pass is very likely the best value in gaming right now, offering up over 100 games to play for a $9.99 monthly subscription. "Dirt 5" and "Wreckfest" are just the latest racing games to grace the lineup which already includes games like "Forza Horizon 4," "F1 2019" and more. "Wreckfest" has already been added to the service and "Dirt 5" will be dropping on February 25th. If you're curious about our thoughts on "Dirt 5," you can check out our impressions here.

Codemasters will remain an "independent group" under EA's ownership

You've probably heard by now that EA has acquired racing game developer Codemasters in a goliath $1.2 billion deal. Now that the deal is officially done, we're learning more about the plan moving forward. EA has communicated to IGN that it's planning on keeping Codemasters an "independent group" within the organization. While that sounds great on the surface, based on EA's track record of acquiring then shutting down promising studios, we'll continue to carry a healthy skepticism about the deal until games start coming out under the EA banner.

"Dirt 5" has a new content pack launching February 22 on all platforms

Speaking of "Dirt 5," the game has a big update planned for the 22nd that promises to bring four new cars, 25 new career events, two new sponsors, new livery options, stickers, lanyards and more. The new cars you can snag are the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra Pre-Runner, Alpine A110 Sports X and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. All four of the new rides will be playable in all game modes. Also coming in this latest update is an increase to the level cap, something that many players have been asking for since nearly the launch of the game. Will you be checking out the new content? Let us know in the comments. 


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