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This 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger has big presence and a big price tag

It's more money than a new Bronco, but it's also more rare

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bronco hero
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With restored and resto-modded examples of K5 Chevy Blazers now bringing big bucks, could the collector-car community's embrace of full-size Ford Broncos be close at hand? Looks that way. As evidence, check out the near-$80,000 asking price for this 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT, on offer here on eBay by a classic car dealer in Michigan.

Based on the then-current Ford F-series, the full-size Bronco replaced the now-iconic original Bronco in 1978. The model was produced, with one major redesign, through 1996. These big Broncos long stood in the shadow of their smaller predecessors, at least in the eyes of collectors. But now they appear to be coming into their own.

This 1979 Bronco is said to have been treated to a "nut-and-bolt restoration," and it certainly presents well. We're digging the period-perfect two-tone brown-and-tan livery, which is repeated on the interior. Basically, this truck is brown and tan for days.

As a Ranger XLT, it also has a fancy interior with carpet that runs up the door panels and woodgrain trim. Air conditioning and an aftermarket stereo have been added. Once you lift off the top, though, the latter becomes much more important than the former.

Under the hood is a 351-cubic-inch V8 that carries a 1973 build date. It's been mildly modded and features an MSD ignition coil and distributor. The 351 is paired with a column-shifted three-speed automatic and, naturally, four-wheel drive.

With the new Ford Bronco stoking the fires of Bronco Fever, we'll likely see more interest in vintage Broncos from this era. What would be really cool would be to see some of this wild two-toning on the new Bronco as well.


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