Here’s something you don’t see every day: A man clinging to the hood of a semi truck, bashing the windshield with his fists and head as it drives 9 miles along the Florida Turnpike, captured in a viral video from a passing motorist. Reports say the man was taken to a local hospital for a 72-hour evaluation.

It happened Saturday afternoon on the toll road in Palm Beach County. According to  local reports, an unidentified man was driving on the freeway with a male passenger in a Toyota SUV when the man began acting strangely and stopped the vehicle on the exit ramp to Boynton Beach. He then exited the vehicle, walked along the highway and then hopped the concrete divider in the median onto the northbound side of the turnpike.

When traffic slowed, he then jumped onto the hood of a semi rig and began striking the windshield with his hands and his forehead. Oddly, the driver of the tractor trailer just kept driving instead of stopping. The video shows the truck driver yanking the wheel back and forth and abruptly braking in an apparent attempt to get the man off his hood. At one point, the man turns to the passing car filming him, repeatedly screaming, “Call the police!” The person who recorded the video said the man also used a metal object to break the windshield.

There are no reports of injuries, and no indication of why the man hopped on the semi’s hood. A Highway Patrol trooper eventually caught up with the semi and took the man into custody, his hands and head bloodied from bashing the glass.

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