This electric tricycle/camper/boat looks straight out of a Wes Anderson fever dream

It's a bike, a boat and a camper all in one

Transcript: Bike + boat + camper combo. Z-Triton is an amphibious electric tricycle camper for the outdoor enthusiast. Created by Latvian start-up Zeltini, the unique vehicle provides people the ability to interact with nature on land or on water. In tricycle mode, it can take to the roads powered by its pedals or an e-motor. Converting Z-Triton into a boat is easy. It just needs a few adjustments and if you want to settle on land for the evening, the Z-Triton converts into a camper for sleeping. Z-Triton is powered by two 250W electric motors. Starting price for the Z-Triton is a little over $8,000.

Is the 3-in-1 bike, boat, camper combo too much for your needs? This simple popup tent from Ayamaya that sleeps four to six people might be a more realistic solution when going on a camping trip.

Ayamaya pop up tent - $169.99 at

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