Driving from coast to coast in a Subaru Forester and Volvo S60 on the final episode of 'The Autoblog Show'

Check it out on Fios Channel 604, Samsung TV+ and Roku

You can now watch our TV Series 'The Autoblog Show' online, including the 10th and final episode of season one. 

In this episode producers Alex Malburg and Christopher McGraw head to the mitten state in the dead of winter to test two very different vehicles, the impeccably designed Volvo S60 T8, and the latest generation of the Subaru Forester. 

Check out the finale of season one of "The Autoblog Show" above. It originally aired on Verizon Fios TV, the Yahoo! Finance Channel on the Roku TV app and SamsungTV+.

Subaru Forester Information

Subaru Forester

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