Watch sparks fly from motorcycle wedged into minivan by hit-and-run driver

Nobody was seriously injured, but the video footage is unbelievable

Nearly all of us accept the fact that accidents happen and are an unfortunate byproduct of millions of vehicles driven by fallible men and women all around the world. Sadly, another unfortunate human trait sometimes takes over after such an accident, and at least one of the parties attempts to slink away from the scene unnoticed. It happens often enough that we've coined the term "hit and run."

One should never run from the scene of an accident, and that's especially so when there's a motorcycle wedged between your Honda Odyssey minivan's front bumper and the unforgiving asphalt below. Somehow, that unlikely scene played out with sparks flying as what appears to be a Honda CBR600RR is crushed into the roadway at highway speeds. The aftermath of the accident was caught by passing motorists as the alleged driver of the van, later identified by police as 25-year-old George Valentin, tried to exit the highway in Corona, Calif.

Chain Arunritthirot, the rider of the motorcycle, told KCAL News (via Visordown) that he wasn't seriously injured. In fact, it all happened so suddenly that he didn't know what hit him after he landed 200 feet away in the middle of the freeway. Arunritthirot was traveling around 65 mph when he was reportedly struck by Valentin's minivan, which police estimate was driving around 70 mph.

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