2020 BMW M2 CS allocation to the U.S. rumored around 400 units

About 18% of total production, shouldn't have any problem selling here

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When BMW revealed the 2020 M2 CS — for Coupe Sport — before last year's L.A. Auto Show, we wrote at the time, "BMW initially said it would allocate 500 examples to the U.S., but later backed off and said it couldn’t confirm an exact number." Thanks to "a source close to the company," BMW Blog believes it knows how many examples of the BMW M2 CS will make landfall at the port of New Jersey: "Expectations are that around 400 units will land in the hands of U.S. customers." This would represent about 18% of a 2,200-unit run for global consumption.

For comparison, BMW shoppers lighting up forums about M2 CS allocations believe 104 cars will go to the UK, Australia will get 70, and if one poster is correct, Belgium and Luxembourg hit the jackpot with 131 units.

The M2 CS is apparently not in the U.S. dealer ordering system yet. BMW needs to get the European models built and delivered this year due to emissions regulations. Rumor says our allotment won't begin rolling down the line until September, and deliveries will continue into 2021, so the final number for the U.S. remains in the air.   

Based on the chatter, we figure the automaker won't have an issue unloading the production run even if it is 500 units. Those who don't pray at the Church of the Roundel have raised eyebrows at the $24,700 MSRP gap between the 405-horsepower, $59,895 M2 Competition and the 444-hp, $84,595 M2 CS. That spread would pay for enough upgrades to turn the M2 Competition into a track monster that could harry the M2 CS all over the course, as well as an old pickup and trailer to haul a track-only M2 Competition screamer. But the M badge, OEM engineering integration, and twinned development with the M2 CS Racing model have their adherents.

With big-money options like a gloss black carbon fiber hood and the M carbon ceramic braking system, no doubt some M2 CS buyers won't be far off a $100,000 coupe.

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