New Batmobile seen clearly in model images

There are some detail differences to the full-size car

Batmobile model
  • Batmobile
  • Image Credit: Jeff Frost / @TheBatRobert / Twitter
  • Batmobile model
  • Batmobile model
  • Batmobile model
  • Batmobile model

A couple months ago, director of the upcoming "The Batman" Matt Reeves shared photos of the Caped Crusader's new ride. It looked a bit like a high-tech, mid-engine Dodge Charger. At least from what we could see of it in the moody, brown, dark press photos. But now we get a clearer look at the new Batmobile, at least of the model.

The photos seem to have originated from Hollywood model maker and designer Jeff Frost, though his website has been made private since the photos were published. Fortunately for us, social media accounts such as @TheBatRobert shared them to Twitter. The photos are clearly of a scale model of the car, albeit a highly detailed one down to the lighting. It still looks very much like a hot-rodded Dodge Charger, but several of the details on the hood and front bumper give it a slightly more high-tech and futuristic look befitting a vigilante billionaire in charge of a tech company.

There are signs that this might be an earlier model from what was shown in press photos, though, or at least a model that's not meant to be shown up close. The front bumper looks wider than the final car. The model has simpler taillights, unlike the triple bar lights of the final vehicle. Most significantly, this model has a replica of a real V8, rather than the star car's final jet-propulsion powertrain.

No matter the differences, the new Batmobile looks intimidating, as it should. We're looking forward to seeing it in action when the movie eventually makes its debut.

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