$62M L.A. house with 15-car garage is fit for a family of gearheads

Complemented by a racing sim and a model racetrack

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In Southern California there is a house that is so grandiose and so Los Angeles that it not only has its own feature in the Wall Street Journal, it also has its own website, 1301Collingwood.com. Listed for $62 million, this virtually brand-new mansion might look like the set of a Tom Cruise action flick, but it's also an undercover safe haven for car enthusiasts. It features a 15-car "auto gallery," a driving simulator, and a miniature toy racetrack.

Via Robb Report, this house reportedly belonged to Kipp Nelson, former Goldman Sachs partner, current chairman of the board of U.S. Ski & Snowboard and founder of Flashlight Films. Placed on 0.67 acres of Hollywood Hills land, the house was designed by Olson Kundig, who has designed a variety of buildings such as a winery, numerous museums, The Bob Dylan Center, countless houses, and the Tillamook Creamery in Tillamook, Oregon. The project took six years to develop and was erected in 2018. 

The interior space is listed at 15,642 sq. ft., and the outside space is listed at 6,958 sq. ft. That's 22,600 sq. ft. of total space. With only five bedrooms and seven-and-a-half baths, that's a lot of room for activities. For fun, the house includes a model racetrack labeled the Kippway, complete with realistic landscape, as well as a virtual racing simulator. 

When those get boring, the car enthusiasts will appreciate the 15-car automobile storage space. We say storage space because it's mildly unlike a typical garage, though the overhead lighting is familiar. A few tool chests and lifts would transform the area into a gearheads' paradise, but in its current state, it's more of a showroom. 

For more information on the home, and to see more photos, visit Zillow, or Architectural Digest feature on the design. 

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